Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Returns to My Life

My love for music has been restored because of watching a certain contestant from Season 7 of American Idol. This blog is dedicated to my favorite new singer, David Archuleta.

This blog is a little weird for me to be writing. I never thought of myself as a typical music fan. In fact, David Archuleta was the first ever celebrity to whom I wrote a fan letter.

I’m a 52 yr.old wife and mother of two teenagers, Amanda-soon to be 18 and Brandon- 15. Amanda and I were fans of David on Season 7 of American Idol while Brandon was a fan of David Cook. Brandon is a rocker, like his father.

We had never watched American Idol for an entire season before season 7. Normally, Amanda and I would watch the first couple of audition shows to see what kind of “nuts” were trying out, then, maybe the final two shows. I think that we watched the last three shows when Jordin Sparks won. But for season 7, after we saw David's audition, we decided to keep watching to see how far “the really cute boy from Utah” (quoting Amanda) would make it in the show. We were really excited to follow David through the competition because, as it turned out, we really needed an “out” from the rest of life.

Amanda has suffered from migraine headaches since kindergarten. That school year, because of the workload at school and other health problems, Amanda’s headaches intensified to the point that they were happening every other day. She had also developed a pain in her stomach that would not go away and no one could figure out. She was in pain basically 24/7 from November to May. We spent many hours at doctor’s appointments and labs for testing. At one appointment in January we were told that she might have a brain tumor. We needed to wait four months until the next test to see if this was true. In the mean time, more pain - more tests.

At this same time. I started to experience several health problems. I had torn a tendon in my foot and had trouble walking. I had to quit substitute teaching, which i loved, because I couldn't be on my feet that much. To top it all, I was dealing with "the change in life" and my hormones were killing me. I had become very depressed. Everything just seemed so negative, so painful.

Through all of this insanity, Amanda and I were able to spend “special” time together each week watching David on AI. The only two shows that we missed watching live, due to Amanda’s orchestra concerts at school, were quickly reviewed on the DVR when we returned home. We had to see what David sang and make sure that he was going on to the next week.

Amanda brought me up to date on important technology because of David. She showed me how to text so that I could vote and how to download music on my MP3 player. (It had sat empty for several months until I asked her to download David's performances from itunes. ) The music came in handy while I sat and waited for countless hours for MRI s and CTs to be completed. David's voice played in my head during some of the most stressful times and always made me feel better.

At the end of May we learned that Amanda did not have a tumor (Thank you Lord) and the other problems that were making her sick were diagnosed and cured so she began feeling like a normal teen. Since I had lots of "free time" on my hands, I began to spend more time at my computer and decided to see if there was anything online about David. I had no idea how much info I would find.

I was really excited to find all of the idol performances on YouTube. Now I could watch David sing those awesome songs over and over. I began to realize that the more I watched these videos the better I felt. I wasn't feeling depressed anymore even though I still had problems. Listening to David seemed to take away most of the negative, depressing thoughts that had plagued my mind for months. In fact, I seemed to be really happy.

Amanda was sad that David was not picked as “The American Idol” but I believe that it all worked out exactly as God intended it and there is no way that he was not the winner. I truly believe that David had already touched more peoples lives than most other artists could ever dream of.

As I listened to some of David's radio interviews shortly after the American Idol season ended, I was amazed at how well he handle himself when some of these guys asked some of the worst questions. As Amanda says “Is it really any of their business who he dates or if he dates?” “Why don’t they ask about music?” He really shouldn’t be asked some of those questions any more. Most of the fan girls, my daughter included, like David because he's “not like the boys in their schools.” One of these days maybe it will not be weird to have morals.
Well, I just felt that I should write this to show that David Archuleta has had a positive influence on yet another family. David's voice is amazing and is definitely a Gift from God. I pray that he will always be able to stay true to his beliefs and remain a “positive” in the world of so many “negatives”.

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