Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Unforgettable Day

Okay. A year has passed and I think that I am finally up to writing about this event. March 12, 2009; a day that will, for me, go down in history as one of the most memorable times in my life. This day ranks right up there with Oct.20, 1990 (my wedding), March 31, 1992 (my daughter's birth), and July 31, 1994 (my son's birth). Well, that might be a little over the top, but it was definitely one of the best day's of my life.

March 12, 2009 was the day David Archuleta's solo tour stopped in San Antonio and I was there. Not only was I there but I was there with my beautiful teenage daughter , Amanda. Now some people (husband) might think that I have gone totally insane for being so excited to see a teen pop star sing at some tiny bar in another town but, if you are reading this, than you are probably a fan of David Archuleta and I don't need to explain my excitement.

When I heard that David would make a stop in San Antonio I was totally stoked. Amanda and I had so wanted to attend the Idol tour concert for Season 7 when it stopped in Texas. Only cities, Houston and Dallas. Okay, not too far from Austin. Three or four hours away. Not too bad for Texas. What dates? Middle of August. NO!!!!! Why are the dates the night before school starts and the night of the first day of school?!!!!! Well, so much for the Idol tour.

Fast forward to January 2009 when David announces the tour stops for his first solo tour to promote his album. Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas. Beaumont? and San Antonio. San Antonio!!!! That's only an hour or so away from South Austin. Yes!!!! Date, March 12. March 12, why does that sound familiar? OMG!!! That's the same day as Amanda's UIL Orchestra competition. No, this can not be happening again!!!!!

What do I do. I always attend the orchestra competition as a chaperon but Amanda tells me "not to worry about that, just talk Dad into letting you get tickets and find someone else to take along." Now I wasn't about to miss another chance to see David perform but I didn't want to go with anyone except Amanda. See, Amanda and I have a history with David. Well, not with David, because we have never meet him but with listening to David through some very trying times. During his time on Idol, we had connected with David's incredible voice and had survived our own incredible pain. ( See previous post for details.) I couldn't fathom seeing David without Amanda. I also couldn't picture that I would be able to afford tickets to the concert and a trip to San Antonio on top of that. I was unemployed and husband's commission-only job was tanking.

When I told my husband about the concert and the conflicts I couldn't believe what he said. Get two tickets, we'll figure out the rest as we get closer to the date. Okay, I'm stoked and worried at the same time. How will we pay for this and who will I take along? Of course, I should know that if I have questions I should take them to God. The day before the tickets went on sale, our tax return was deposited. Thank you God. Now, who will go with me? That will take a little more time to decide. My options: my husband, who is a part time live-music photographer in Austin, Amanda, who I would need to wait for until her school orchestra finished performing at 5pm and then rush to SA, my 14 yr old son who was a fan of David Cook, or the one friend that I had admitted my ODD to but was not a fan.

My husband was eliminated quickly when we found out that Adele would be performing in Austin that same night at the venue he is the house photographer for. My friend had a family commitment. My son had a track meet that day and evening. I might have a problem here. The week before the concert I have no one to go with. My daughter suggests that I contact someone on one of the fan sites that I frequent and see if anyone else is planning to go to SA from Austin and go with them. This would be a great idea if I wasn't so incredibly shy. Well, I still have a little time. Something will come up. Of course, it was not what I imagined.

My daughter bombed her Chem test. Now, normally this would not be a thing to be happy about but "no pass, no play" had jumped in to help me out. Since Amanda was not passing Chemistry at that precise moment, she could not attend the orchestra competition. If she wasn't going to with the orchestra, she could go with me. YES!!!!! I probably shouldn't have been so happy for a terrible test grade but ..... God does work in interesting ways.

All week leading up to March 12 it had been raining in Central Texas. This was odd because we were in the middle of a draught. It had also been colder than normal. Wet and cold. Nothing like I was reading about from many of David's northern stops but this is Texas. We want our sun back. March 12 arrives and Amanda and I decide to head to San Antonio as soon as IH35 traffic is Austin dies down. I absolutely hate driving on IH35 so Amanda (who is fearless ) gets to drive in the rainstorm that we encounter along the way. We arrive in SA, find the Scout Bar, and decide to get lunch.

We didn't have "Meet and Greet" but after lunch we decided to see how many people were standing out in the cold and rain. The line was already forming. It's now 2 pm, doors are at 7 pm. I'm "old" and have tendon problems in my foot. Okay, let's do it. We're not the only crazies here. At least we are standing against the wall of the building.

We met other "crazy" David fans as we stood out there. The mother/daughter behind us were from San Antonio. The daughter was a couple years younger than Amanda but is a huge David fan . She and I compared notes on what we had read about the most recent concerts. I filled her in on what had been posted that morning about the previous day's concert in Beaumont. Her mother and my daughter thought we were nuts. Then a 20-something young lady from "down in the valley" (South Texas) and her husband and baby arrived. She was "in love" with David and they had driven 7 hours to get to SA. (A friend was coming for the baby.) What an interesting array of people that we saw while waiting to go in.

The doors finally opened and the chaos that I had expected to ensue was replaced by an orderly entrance to the venue. We scurried in and landed stage right, four rows back. This was standing room only. The venue was really small, the whole thing was a mosh pit. As I looked around I noticed that I was suddenly the "Mom" to all of the girls that we had been talking too outside. All of the husbands and parents that had been there before had escaped to the back of the venue. I was now in this sea of teens and 20-somethings with a few of us "Older" fans sprinkled in here and there.

Time for Leslie Roy or "check to see if camera is working and what to do with it." I'm not the photog, my husband is, but I still wanted to get some pics to remember this. (Like I could possibly forget.) Not the best but ok for the camera that I could take in without a photo pass and my inexperience with it. Daughter is testing out the video on her camera.

Wow! Leslie is already finished? That means ....OMG.....DAVID!!!! The music started, Amanda and I looked at each other, and ...there he was. Bounding, Smiling, Singing, Glowing. I had never in a million years thought that I, a middle aged woman and mother of two teenagers, would go crazy over some teen pop star. Of course, David is not some "teen pop star". He is far more than that to anyone who has the guts to stop and pay attention.

David was amazing and I couldn't believe that we were there. The crowd loved every thing about him. The 20-something young lady that we had befriended outside was standing right behind us during the concert. It was so funny hearing her scream "I LOVE YOU DAVID" when I knew that her husband was maybe 20 ft behind her and her baby was right outside.

Amanda somehow managed to shoot videos of some of the songs. The one I am most proud of is when the crowd asked David to sing in Spanish and he asked his mom (who was in the back of the venue) what he should sing. David sang a small part of Selena's "Como La Flor" and the crowd (a large part of which was Hispanic) went crazy. I was so lucky to be there for this important moment. Little did we know what was in store for us.

After the concert, we had wanted to stick around and try to meet David. We were told that he would not be out but I had read that was the case in other cities and he had come out after a while anyways. We thought about it but it was raining, cold and Amanda had school the next morning so we headed home. Amanda fell asleep almost immediately but I wasn't even tried. This had been the most amazing day and I was able to spend it with my amazing daughter.


dmgloria said...

I loved your story, i was there too! I went with my daughter and a friend. My name is debbie Gloria (Gloria is the last name). I'm the one who yelled out" Sing in Spanish!) I still can't believe I did that but I'm glad I did, he sounds great singing in spanish. One more thing you know the teddybear he picks up at the end of the show, mine too. I agree with you the concert was great not to mention he's GORGEOUS! I really hope he comes back to San Antonio.(

Lisa said...

I live in Austin and drove to San Antonio for the concert. I took my 78 year old dad who was proud to be the oldest person there! All of my family and friends think I'm crazy to be so obsessed with David. :)

rapture said...

Thanks for writing your recap. It was such a thrill to read. I found myself re-living the shows I was lucky enough to get to on that first tour. What a wonderful experience. I also was married in 1990 and have two teenagers - born 1993 & 1994. I completely relate to all that you have said.

Thanks again!

koneyfod4ever said...
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koneyfod4ever said...

It was so nice to read your story about David. Like you I'm also a mom but as you said David is not a"Teen Pop Idol" there's more to that, hence, we are his fans no matter how old we are. Lucky for you your daughter is also a fan. With me my daughter knows that I'm a fan and my husband he doesn't mind I'm a fan but I never let them know my ODD. I'm new in this Archie family and I'm happy to read all the fans stories about David. I became a fan when the Nandito Ako mini-series started. I know and rooted for David in AIS7 but really never became a follower or a fan cos I'm not into that before. You know mother have other things in mind. Last year in Feb when I heard that David have a mini-series in the Philippines I became interested cos I never knew that David is so popular back home in the Philippines and made a mini-series. I never stopped until I finished the whole mini-series which was available for online viewing and from then on I dig deeper, browse everywhere all about David. Learn to know about this humble, down to earth person. No wonder how much his fans love and support him that much. I bought his book, Cd's like Crush(thank god it's still available)TOSOD which I found in HMV here in Toronto (BTW I'm from Toronto, Canada)etc. I tweet and met nice Archie fans on Tweeter. Read FOD everyday which is already a part of my everyday life. Thanks for sharing your David story. I'm looking forward to watch his concert tour for the first time (god willing )when he return in 2014.