Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Six Degrees of Separation? - Make that an ArchuConnection with David Archuleta

As I was writing this blog, I suddenly realized how many different parts of my life intersect with David. All David references will be highlighted in blue.

WOW!!! March 30, 2010. Time is really moving too quickly. When I finally started this blog, I promised myself that I would post at least once a week, if not daily. As you can see, this hasn't happened. It's not like there hasn't been anything to talk about. The subject of this blog, David Archuleta, has been busy with life, and yet, he has been able to keep us all entertained and enlightened with his thoughts, even if most of these have come to us through his Tweets. I shouldn't have any excuses for not keeping up with my writings.
I guess I will start first with a couple of things that have been happening with my family.
Family- one of the most important things in David's life and mine. Since my last entry, my son, Brandon, spent one whole week with a severe cold that kept him out of school. This was not good since he is in all advanced classes and he is an athlete. David was pretty good at school. I think I read that he had a 4.0 before Idol. This is Track season. One can't run 400 meters very quickly when you can't breath. David is a runner. He ran Cross Country in school.
Brandon's lack of eating David loves to talk about food and eating and tweeted about it just last night left him without energy for weight training for Spring Football. David tells us about his love for the P90X exercise videos. I own the more basic version of these and they could kill the average person.

The next week, Amanda had the cold. It was also Spring Break. Now Spring Break in Texas is actually an oxymoron. The weather has a mind of its own in Texas and the middle of March can either be "the dead of winter", "the middle of summer" or just a plain rainy mess. This year we actually had all three of these and a surprise - an bit of Spring was thrown in too. Amanda was determined to go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio David thinks that going to a Disney park would be a fun date but we don't have any of those in Texas on one of the days off, so she forced herself to feel better and she drove us to San Antonio. (I don't like to drive on IH35, Amanda is fearless.) It was one of the most beautiful Spring days I have seen in a long time. The temperature was in the high 70's, the sky was completely blue David loves telling us about the weather wherever he is and half of the state of Texas had the same idea that we had. I do have to commend the people working at Fiesta Texas because, even though the park was packed, you could not find a single piece of trash on the ground. Even the office personnel in their dress shirts and ties were out in the park with those grabber things picking up after the few people who were messy. David would have been proud. Don't litter.

Seven hours and $200 later, Amanda, A's boyfriend, Brandon and I, all now sun burnt, headed back to Austin with the B child driving for the first time on an unfamiliar highway in the dark. (I'm his driving instructor.) Amanda started coughing on the way back, lost her voice, and I knew that we were in for trouble. The cold turned into a sinus infection with fluid in her ears. (Oh, I'm sure that those roller coasters were a BIG help.) What a fun Spring Break.

The next week rolled by quickly. Amanda missed one day of school with the infection and a cough that would not go away. Brandon, totally out of condition, had a Track meet -- yes, winter returned right in time for the meet - 20 mph winds and all. The spring temperatures from the week before triggered all of the newly revitalized (from all of the rain this past winter) trees and grasses to pollinate and I got sick. (Welcome to Austin- The "Allergy Capital of the World") Since I'm supposed to sing in the church choir this Sunday for Easter I have David to thank or blame for this. His prompting to get out of our comfort zones and do stuff we are afraid of led me to join the choir at Christmas and now again for Easter. I bought one of the weird Neti-Pots that all of the singers are always talking about when they are sick. Strange little thing, but I need help quick and my Claritin doesn't seem to help anymore. I hope that it helps. Of course, spending 4 hours out of doors on Saturday working at the church Easter Egg Hunt and carnival didn't exactly help my allergies.
This past Sunday was a strange day. Too many things to do in one supposedly restful day. Church service at 9:30 am, David would approve Amanda and Brandon work with the Babies and Preschoolers during the second service at 11:00 am, David loves little kids and they love him. Lunch at 1 pm, Amanda breaks up with boyfriend of 7 months at 2:30 pm, Brandon has Boy Scout meeting at 3:00 pm David was a Boy Scout and earned his Eagle Scout Rank. Brandon is about to start his Eagle project. Amanda and Brandon attend church youth group at 6 pm.
Wait!!! Did I just say that Amanda breaks up with her boyfriend. Yep. Amanda has decided that 18 year old guys are basically stupid Didn't David say something to that effect a while back also? and she has decided to end the mass frustration of dating in high school. This is always a good plan with Prom one and a half months away and I have already started to make her dress. Wait! David missed his Prom because of Idol. Maybe HE wants to go with her. Mom's wishful thinking. This is the second time that A and her BF have broken up so I'm pretty sure it is over for good. Yesterday she told me that the next guy she dates must be a strong Christian above all else and that they must be friends and casually date for several months before she will even consider being serious about him. Religion, Friendship and not rushing the relationship- sounds like David to me. I want to tell her that the boy she is looking for doesn't exist but then I know that there is actually one out there in the world David so there must be others somewhere.
Well, this brings me up to today- March 30, 2010. This will be an interesting day- the end of an era and the harbinger of a new time. You see, tomorrow, March 31, my first-born, Amanda, turns 18 years old. My baby is no longer a baby. She is a beautiful young woman. In a few months she will graduate from high school, I wonder if David was ever able to complete his high school a normal act but one that not long ago seemed almost impossible. I am thankful that she has decided to remain in Austin for college and will continue to live at home with us. She is no longer that little girl that I use to hold at night when she was sick or the confused tween and young teen, wondering why she couldn't do some of the things that other kids did. She's not even the same teen that fell for David during the auditions of American Idol. That year of Idol was very important to me as a bonding time for Amanda and myself. While we were amazed and distracted by David each week, personally we fought to relieve Amanda's debilitating migraines, learned of her ADD, freaked out over her brain lesion that, thank God, was not cancer, and finally diagnosed and treated the micoorganizm causing her stomach disorder and fueling her migraines. What a year that was for us and David was a major part of it especially for me.

Well, enough of my ramblings.
David is not the only one who overexplains and rambles I know that many people will not understand why I do or can relate so many of my life's daily happenings to David Archuleta. I can not really understand why this is either. For some reason this young man has drastically effected my life. He came along at just the right time to help someone who would probably never meet him in person. I believe that God has placed him here at this time to help people and that, through his music and spirit, we can all grow as people.

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