Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David- A Sonnet

photos courtesy of my husband (Limelight Images, Austin,TX) --
David @Houston July 3, 2009

One of my favorite David fan sites, Snarky Archies, is asking for submissions for a contest to win a copy of David's soon to be released book. Since I have been in the mood to write poetry lately and I had not written a sonnet since my college days (don't ask how long ago that was), I decided to put the acrostic poems on hold and try my hand at a sonnet.

There are several different ways to form sonnets but all basically have rhyming words at the end of the phrase or line and iambic pentameter (the same number of beats in the line - 10). There are usually 14 lines in a sonnet although modern poetry does not always follow this rule. Once I got started, I couldn't believe how easy this was to write. I guess that the topic is really clear in my head and heart.

David - A Sonnet from a Fan

My world was changed when first he sang his song;
His stunning voice did pierce and still my heart.
It found the place that years had torn apart
And healed the wounds that life had made so strong.
Now word has spread and I am not alone,
His eyes bare love for all the world to see.
The hearts and souls of men he will set free;
For, through his voice, a new love song is sown.

He sings of peace and love and life and hope
With such amazing depth and thought and soul,
That when we hear the words our hearts do soar,
And we can find the strength to somehow cope.
The Voice - He brings us back and makes us whole.
We fans have glimpsed his soul, and we adore.

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