Tuesday, June 1, 2010

David writes a book, and I get a photo in it!!!!!!

Announcing The Fans Whose Photos Made it in to "Chords of Strength"!

Thanks Everyone! We received so many submissions to our request for photos for Chords of Strength. This just proves that all of you, my fans, are the best people around and I can’t thank you all enough! It was a really tough decision narrowing it down, but I’m happy to announce the list of people whose photos made the book! Again, Thank you so much!
Lois Alksninis
Cassi Alligood
Scott Allen
Melissa Dipietro
Jenna Enns
Karen Ebert
Lindsay Farnworth
Christine FitzSimons
Emily Harmon
Russell Hart
Dana Hudson
Cathy Krebs
Brandi Luff
Joanna Manalo
Kim Meade
Tessa Mitterhoff
Margy Moore
Alex Paisley
Todd Pennington
Pastel Sinclair
Chelsea Stannard
Fuad Steven
Elsa Tovar
Jennifer Uriegas
Amy Wilson
Congratulations to you all!
Many thanks to everyone for all your support! I hope you like the book!

I can't believe that out of all the absolutely incredible photos of David that his fans are always posting, the one shot that I submitted was selected for the book. What are the chances? My husband is so wonderful for taking it for me. He didn't have a photo pass for the show (he is a photographer) so he just "grabbed a couple of shots with my point and shoot" and this is one of them.

Yes David, I like your book. I would like it even if my photo was not in the book. I can't believe how incredibly deep you are.

Hopefully, I will start posting my review tomorrow. It may be longer though because my daughter graduates from high school on Thursday, so I might be a little buzy.

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