Monday, July 12, 2010

Time is flying by and I can't catch it

Well, I think that the title of this pretty well sums it all up. It has been almost a month since my last post. Still no jobs for myself, Amanda or Brandon. This might actually be a good thing since everyone in this household has spent at least one week in this last month sick or injured. I had a lovely bout with some flu bug, Amanda had some stomach thing, Brandon had a biking accident and almost broke his foot and ankle, and my husband has Bronchitis.

This has actually been one really depressing summer so far. Only two good things have happened, 1) tropical storms have brought rains to Central Texas at a time when we are normally baking hot (over 100 degrees every day) and dry, and 2) David Archuleta keeps surprising us with fun songs and appearances.

I do believe that David is getting better each and every time he performs. Last night he appeared in San Antonio at the Tejano Music Awards. I would have loved to be at that performance but my concert buddy, Amanda, was in Houston with her friend so I had to sit at home and watch twitter updates instead. Actually, Amanda would not have enjoyed the show since she doesn't understand Spanish. Since I grew up in SA, I know enough of it to get the basics of what is being said. But, even without being an expert, I do know that David's performances last night of Selena's songs were outstanding. I don't know what it is about listening to songs sung in spanish but, even without knowing every word, I seem to know what they are saying. I guess it comes from growing up in the culture of San Antonio. I guess it's the passion that is part of all of these songs. A person doesn't have to know exactly what is said to feel the passion.

Passion, that's what David lives and breathes in his songs.

Here are the two songs that David sang as a tribute to Selena at the Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio. This was a really important appearance for David because Selena was a very important part of Tejano music and the Mexican culture of Texas. She will be remembered forever especially in South and Central Texas.

No Me Queda Mas

credit to MonicaSaldivar

Como La Flor with Pete Astudillo

credit to takingchance211

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