Friday, September 17, 2010

A Letter to David (Not Really)

Dear David,

I am writing to you today to tell you that I stopped by your official website,, to Look Around for information about you and your recently released album, The Other Side of Down, and I noticed something that I believe should be corrected.

Now, I don't mean to Complain, and you are probably wondering Who I Am and why I feel that I have the right to want your site to be My Kind of Perfect, but I want to know why the background of your site is plain white and the whole site is rather boring, to be honest. I feel that it should be a happy color to match your happy music, your happy personality. White is just so... plain. If you want to have a white background maybe it could include some happy icons scattered around on it. Possible icons to incorporate into the background could include Something 'Bout Love like hearts, or Parachutes (hold on for the ride of your life) and Airplanes (time for a new tour) to depict fun activities, or maybe an Elevator, like you would see in a fancy hotel, to denote travel (which I hear you like to do). Just something happier that plain white.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't want you to think that I'm Stomping the Roses. I just feel that this site should be a Good Place to find relevant information about you and should depict your bubbly personality. Obviously, I don't want you to be like some of Hollywood's Falling Stars, with all kinds of unmentionables associated with them. I just would like to see more happiness included in your official site. I do like that your new album photos replaced the outdated Christmas photos. These new photos, in my opinion, look more like "you" and are proof that, with a little more work on this site, Things Are Gonna Get Better.

Well, these are just some ideas that I, a fan, thought I would share with you. I'll check back The Day After Tomorrow to see if anyone has taken my advise.

Thanks for listening,

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