Saturday, December 4, 2010

 David in Dallas 12/03/10  
Please credit me, Pandasmama.

Majestic Theater- scene of the crime

Golden Archies were the first in line for the Meet and Greet

this will have to work until someone sends us the link to the official photo with David.

Yes! Here is our group pic with David

Yes, He always does in Texas.

Majestic Theater beckons all to join David in song.

Golden Archies get some munchies after the M&G.

A and I ready for the concert

Interesting gentleman reading "Twas The Night Before Christmas"

David enters to Something 'Bout Love

Yes, we were in the mezzanine.

Not the best zoom but ...

Parade Time 12/04/10  
The Golden Archies had bleacher seats on Commerce ready for David to arrive.

This was David's float but after he sang for the TV cameras.....

this was his mode of transportation for most of the parade.
And I spazzed and this was the only pic I got of D.

So, after Santa got out of the way, daughter and I ran for the end of the parade 

and .....

we got there just in time to see a very cooperative Spider Man...

Oh, and this guy, too.

Of course this part of the parade seemed to travel by freeway ramps and abandoned buildings...

but David didn't seem to mind.

You would think that a prince would be furnished with a suitable throne.

At least the chariot was silver.

I was being blinded by the sun and didn't even know what this looked like until I was editing.

Thanks David.  We had a great time.  

See you again soon. (Like next week in San Antonio)

On the way out we went by the Majestic to make sure that it was still standing after last nights show.


Nicola said...

"At least the chariot was silver" hahaha. This is fantastic! Thanks!

David Denson said...

I work for the Office of Cultural Affairs in Dallas which runs the Majestic Theater. We love your nighttime shot of the Majestic and would like to talk to you about using it if possible.