Friday, December 10, 2010


If, at the beginning of November, you would have told me that I would get to see David perform live two times in the span of one week, in the state of Texas, I would have told you that I have swamp land in the Permian Basin I want to talk to you about. David had not been to Texas in ... forever, except for that short visit to the Tejano Music Awards, so how could this actually be possible. My head is still spinning from all of this awesomeness, or it could be from the lack of sleep, or possibly caffeine and sugar needed to stay awake to write this.

I've already talked about the epic trip to Dallas last Friday, so today I will tell you about the mind-bogglingly hilarious trip to San Antonio to see the Kaleidoscope Skating Show with my two new friends from the Golden Archies, Judy and Kim. 

Let me first say THANK YOU to these two incredible ladies for convincing me to go on this second trip.  I would be hating life right now if I had missed this opportunity to see David again, especially since he was only an hour away from me in San Antonio.  I don't like doing stuff by myself so I would not have gone to SA if they weren't going.

Both of these ladies live north of me so they picked me up on the way down to SA.  This would turn out to be one amazing, laugh-filled trip with much bonding time and ODD overload. I haven't laughed so much and so hard in a long time.

So we made it to SA early and went by the Alamodome to see if anything was happening. Kim and I went to see if we could get into sound check since Kari and Melinda were tweeting about it.  "NO."  Boo. Hoo. But while we were standing inside the building planning our next move, we heard the announcer say blah, blah, blah, blah, David Archuleta, blah, blah, blah, but not David's voice.  Boo again.

My new friends

We had a couple of hours to wait before the doors opened so we went to the Rivercenter Mall across the highway to kill time, chat, and plan the events after the show.  We talked about our mutual admiration for David and how we could better promote him in our cities. (Or did we talk about our ODD? Hummmm!!!!) Anyway, we made plans to go to Mi Tierra Restaurant after the show and see if anyone important showed up there.   It is a very popular mexican restaurant in downtown that is open 24 hrs. and I remembered that the last time David was in SA he ate there, so...

Thanks for inviting us

It was finally time to head over to the venue.  Judy got us awesome seats, not too far from the stage but far enough out to see the skaters perfectly also.  The set was done up beautifully, with twinkling lights and a holiday theme.  We had to wait a little while so we spent time checking our cameras and tweeting people. 

My tweet: Alamodome looks very sparkly tonight
and @DavidArchie isn't even on the stage yet.

Finally the announcer says it's almost time.  Oh, we have an opening act. Skaters who move very, very slowly but do some very unusual moves.

The warm up act were a couple of clowns, literally. 

First up, Gloria Gaynor sang I Will Survive ... 

while Sasha Cohen skated.

Finally, we see David and the rest of the cast.

Co-hosts Dorothy Hamill and Scott Hamilton
from the big screen.

Skaters glide ...

and twirl ...

and jump ...

and dazzle ...

before we get to hear David perform
I'll Be Home For Christmas.

Sorry, I didn't make a video of that song.

And I was preoccupied and forgot to shoot
Paul Wylie skating to David's song. Sorry.

Then more skating …

Johnny Weir

Sasha Cohen

Sarah Hughes

Rena Inove and John Baldwin

Surya Bonaly

Someone had the bright idea to have David Kos stand
in the middle of the ice on a big snowflake and play ...

while Joannie Rochette skated around him.

 David sings Falling Stars with a slight imperfection.

More skating ...
Kurt Browning

Kimmie Meissner

And singing ...
Gloria Gaynor sings again.

For the closing shots of the program all of the cast members come out to skate.  

      David is pretty good at this skating thing.

Johnny Weir thanks the crowd for their support while Scott Hamilton looks on.

Then co-host Scott Hamilton said it was time for retakes because "we're not perfect."

David's second take was perfection.

After the show finished taping at midnight, we decided to find out the exit the artists would be leaving the venue from ... 

and when we got there we found a small group of fans
with the same idea that we had.

We had to wait for quite a while, and it was kind of cold, and late, and we were hungry because we didn't eat dinner since we were planning to stalk the restaurant for famous people.  But we had a great time talking to the group of young ladies from the San Antonio area and the fans that we had met at other David concerts.

We decided to pass the time by tweeting Melinda ... and singing David's songs and Christmas carols.

We were going to sing Baby, It's Cold Outside but no one knew enough of the lyrics to lead. 

While we were waiting for David, Kurt Browning dropped by on his way out
and happily gave all of us his autograph. Such a nice guy.

At 1 AM David was finally able to come by to see us on his way out of the venue.  He was really sweet and signed autographs for all of us. He had to jump over a barrier that was in the way to get to us, but that didn't seem to bother him.

And that is when my camera battery died 
so I didn't get a great shot of David
or one of me with him.  
Such is my life.
Maybe next time. 

                                                    Thanks for coming out to see us David.  
We were getting kind of cold out there, but you're worth it.

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