Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life gets in the way again

I have been trying to post a review of Chords of Strength but that just hasn't worked out. My silly son had a biking accident 9 days ago and really banged up his foot and ankle (Doctor was surprised that they weren't broken) so I had to tend to him for several days. On top of that, I have been sick for the past week with what I guess was the flu. It sure felt like the flu anyway. I haven't been that sick in a long time. I started coming down with it last Saturday evening. I was so excited that my husband had a photo shoot that evening so that I would be able to use his Mac to listen to the cellcast of David's Rexburg concert. I made it through the concert but I wasn't sure if I was numb from the illness or from hearing David sing Be Still My Soul so clearly during a normally garbled cellcast.

How does he do it? Why does he have the ability to make a grown woman melt at the sound of his voice no matter what he is singing? It doesn't really matter what type of song David is singing, it pierces my soul. I feel it deep inside me and that is just weird. I have never experienced this from any other singer. Well, when I first heard Josh Groban sing, I felt it slightly. He made me want to hear more, at least. But with David it is different. It is totally impossible to get enough of his voice. I can listen to the same songs time after time, day after day, and not get tired of them. If I was not in this fantastic age of computers, where it is possible to go to all of these fan sites and see that there are actually many other people out in the world who have had and are having this very same feeling that I am about a singer whom I have never met, I would think that I have gone completely crazy and need help. Oh David! What you do to us is just not real.

Well, once again I must wait on the review. Off to take the son to a friend's house. Can't wait for him to get that driver's license at the beginning of August.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer break and too much to do

Well, as you can see, I have not found the time to start my review of David's book. I read it all the way through in three days before Amanda's graduation. Now I am in the middle of my second reading so that I can actually start my review but life keeps getting in the way. You wouldn't think that there would be so much to do with the kids out of school but I think that there is actually more now.

Amanda and I are both looking for jobs, not very successfully I might add. Brandon gave up on his job hunt. No one hires 15 yr olds when there is an overabundance of 18 yr olds and above to choose from. Amanda is totally confused in regards to what to do with her life now that she is a "high school graduate". She wants to go to our community college (which is an excellent school) but changes her mind every other day on what she should study. Nursing, Med Tech, teaching, culinary arts: she is on the verge of tears almost daily. I think we just need to get away from all of it for a while. Unfortunately, family vacation is not in the money plans for now.
Amanda wants for she and I to drive to Florida to meet and visit a boy that she has been chatting with on line for 5 years. She wants to use some of the money she got for graduation to pay for the trip but I'm sure that Hubby will think that we have lot our minds when we tell him about it tonight. Not looking forward to this discussion.

Brandon is restless and tired at the same time. He is use to being on the go all the time. He doesn't have too many people that he can hang with this summer. The boy across the street is off limits due to drugs and mental issues. His friends are all off some where or Lifeguarding. (One of the few jobs in this town for 15 and 16 yr olds) Brandon has to get up every morning Monday through Thursday to go to "Summer Pride", a torturous workout camp at Austin High, to keep them in shape for football season that starts in August before school goes back from summer break. Tuesday nights he has 7 on 7 (football) at Austin High. I am also finishing up on his Driver's Ed that I am parent teaching. He will be able to go take his driving test right after he turns 16 on July 31. He also is attending a Boy Scout camp in North Carolina the last week in July. It's "high adventure" with hiking and kayaking.

Very little down time around here. I think that I will take advantage of the next hour of no one else at home and read a couple of chapters of Chords of Strength. I will get a review out yet.

In the mean time, here is a pic of my new grad. She worked very had for that diploma.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

David writes a book, and I get a photo in it!!!!!!

Announcing The Fans Whose Photos Made it in to "Chords of Strength"!

Thanks Everyone! We received so many submissions to our request for photos for Chords of Strength. This just proves that all of you, my fans, are the best people around and I can’t thank you all enough! It was a really tough decision narrowing it down, but I’m happy to announce the list of people whose photos made the book! Again, Thank you so much!
Lois Alksninis
Cassi Alligood
Scott Allen
Melissa Dipietro
Jenna Enns
Karen Ebert
Lindsay Farnworth
Christine FitzSimons
Emily Harmon
Russell Hart
Dana Hudson
Cathy Krebs
Brandi Luff
Joanna Manalo
Kim Meade
Tessa Mitterhoff
Margy Moore
Alex Paisley
Todd Pennington
Pastel Sinclair
Chelsea Stannard
Fuad Steven
Elsa Tovar
Jennifer Uriegas
Amy Wilson
Congratulations to you all!
Many thanks to everyone for all your support! I hope you like the book!

I can't believe that out of all the absolutely incredible photos of David that his fans are always posting, the one shot that I submitted was selected for the book. What are the chances? My husband is so wonderful for taking it for me. He didn't have a photo pass for the show (he is a photographer) so he just "grabbed a couple of shots with my point and shoot" and this is one of them.

Yes David, I like your book. I would like it even if my photo was not in the book. I can't believe how incredibly deep you are.

Hopefully, I will start posting my review tomorrow. It may be longer though because my daughter graduates from high school on Thursday, so I might be a little buzy.