Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Other Side of David- An Acrostic Poem

David Archuleta's official fan site recently held a contest entitled "The Other Side of David" in which fans were to write about David. The Fan Fiction would be "telling why you love David, his music or any other creative ideas you have." A very wide open topic for a fan fiction. I have been dabbling in poetry lately, not sure why, so I decided to create a more complex acrostic poem for my entry. No, of course I didn't win, but I'm still proud of my work so I have decided to publish it here. Not that anyone actually reads this blog, but maybe someday it will be seen.

         The Other Side of David- A Fan's Perspective

The Voice that we hear when you sing from your heart with such pure passion has
Healed the wounds of our many years of anguish. Each time you sing and produce your
Enchanting sounds it makes us, your fans, more addicted to you.

Optimistic and heartfelt songs bring joy to all of your
Thankful fans who had longed for the day that an
Honest and humble artist would touch us all with his
Emotional and expressive words and mend our broken hearts. We prayed for a
Real star to appear and bring us hope and, suddenly, there you were.

Spiritual and sassy all rolled into the same person.
Incredible yet unpretentious, you show us love through your
Deep and dazzling talent and soul, and teach us that we should
Envelope the world with our love just as you have done.

Obsessed we might be considered by some, but we have found a new
Family by following you and your career. We all are connected and healed through you.

Dorky is what you call yourself but we do not agree with this moniker.
Amazing, Accomplished, and Adorable are words that many of your
Very passionate fans use to describe you, but to me, you are
Indescribable ..... you are the one and only

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Other Side of Down

So yesterday was the big day. David Archuleta's new album, The Other Side of Down, was officially released yesterday. Of course, all of David's real fans had already heard the new songs last week. In fact, Sony/Jive sent out the fan packs ordered from David's fan site the middle of last week. Most of us had the album late last week. And we feel in love with it really quickly, or at least I did.

What is not to love about David's music? Of course, not every track is on my all time favorite list at this moment. I'm sure I will change my mind a few times along the way as I hear the songs live. That is the true way to judge any of David's music. Live and in person. I so hope that he will come to Texas for this tour. Of course, every fan around the world wants him to appear in their town or at least close enough to drive to. He can't be everywhere at once. But I really need to hear him live again. It's been 15 months since I heard him in Houston with the Demi Lovato tour. That was too long ago and his performance was too short. I could listen to him for hours and not get tired.

Well, speaking of listening to David, I just listened to his performance on Live with Regis and Kelly tv show and I am so proud of that appearance. Elevator and Falling Stars both sounded wonderful and the interview was great also. David sounded confident and comfortable during both parts. I bet he gained some new fans with that performance. Just be yourself David and people will fall in love with you. You call yourself dorky but we all think that you are wonderful and charming.

I want to write a personal review of the album but I think I need to listen a couple more times before so I can really think about the lyrics to each song. I'll start this tomorrow morning when I'm not rushed.

At this very moment, my favorite songs are My Kind of Perfect, Who I Am and Elevator but this my change tomorrow. We will see.