Friday, January 28, 2011

American Idol 10: Auditions week #2

January 26 - Milwaukee auditions

Even though the show named 12 contestants that were sent through to Hollywood and referred to 3 additional 15 yr olds that they sent through also, I didn't think that all of these should advance.  I am only going to talk about the ones I liked.

Scotty McCreery-16-  Fabulous country singer.  Incredible low register and my daughter thinks he's easy to look at too. Will appeal to many people- All-American boy, very clean-cut, wearing a cross, plays baseball in high school, country but not dressed overly country.  Best of the competition so far for me.

Naima Adedapo- 25- reggae girl- Powerful voice, different look that might hold some people back from voting for her, but I liked her singing.

Molly DeWolf Swensen- 22- Harvard grad working as intern at White House. Wonderful low register and very confident - Sang, Sittin on the Dock of the Bay.

Scott Dangerfield- 22- Student teacher- Very soulful- Nice voice- Jennifer Lopez said "He felt the music in his body."

Alyson Jados- 26- Looks like she could be Steven Tyler's daughter- Sang, Come Together  - great job- definitely a rocker chick.

Chris Medina- 26- Sad story of the night- caregiver for his fiance who was in a wreck right before wedding day and has traumatic head injury.  Sang, Breakeven.  Very emotional song for him but he did an excellent job

January 27- Nashville auditions

In my opinion, AI spotlighted too many "NO'S" tonight. Showing a few is ok but don't drowned us in them.

Chelsee Oaks and Rob Bolin- both 23- Nashville- ex's that still duet together.  Sang duet first and sounded awesome. Blended perfectly, great harmony.  Separately, Chelsee has a sweet voice, Rob didn't thrill me- soulful but not fantastic.  Not sure if they can make it separately but won't go far on AI as duo.

Adrianne Beasley- 23- Farm girl, literally, lives on a farm- African-American but adopted but older white couple when she was two.  Powerful, awesome voice- Sang, American Honey.  Steven said she has a special quality to her voice. I liked her a lot. Hope she goes far.

Matt Dillard- 27- inspirational story of the day- Total farm boy look: overalls, tank top, straw cowboy hat. "I can pretty up too."
Family has raised 700 foster kids many with special needs.  Sang, You Raise Me Up.  Started a little high but did a nice job. Randy concerned show might swallow him up, I agree.  Not my favorite but nice voice and nice guy. We'll see what happens.

Lauren Alaina- now 16- sad story of the day- cousin Holly (like sister) had a brain tumor. Holly encouraged Lauren to try out. Awesome voice and personality. Getting too much hype from judges though which has usually spelled doom in past seasons.   Sang second song with Steven Tyler, her parents song, Steven's Sweet Surrender. Steven joined in.  Lauren sounded great but got too much praise.

I live in Austin, TX and am looking forward to next Wednesday's auditions from here.  My kids' both know people who tried out but we haven't heard how they did. Previews make Austin look like a bunch of hot-heads but I hope some great singers are found here too.  We have plenty of them.  In the mean time: Keep Austin Weird.

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