Monday, January 24, 2011

American Idol Returns for 10th Season

Well, it is official.  The new season of American Idol has begun.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it this year or not.  It is just a silly reality show. Nothing important ever happens on reality show, does it?  There hasn't ever been any real talent discovered on this show, has there?

Okay, so I am addicted to the silly show. I love to see if they can find any real talent that is willing to give up their lives to take part in this show.  I love to see if there are actually people in this world who can be given a remarkable opportunity to reach millions of people and not blow their chance to positively impact those millions.

I haven't always watched American Idol, in fact I avoided it for a number of years.  I use to only watch the audition rounds of the show.  I started watching season 6 about half way through the season. My daughter  (then 15) and I were pulling for Jordin Sparks.  I didn't actually watch an entire season until season 7.  That was the year that we became totally hooked on the show.  We didn't miss a show.  We even started to vote for the contestants that we liked that year.  Season 7 had the most talented  group of people that I had ever seen on a talent show. And of course, the most talented of them all, David Archuleta, quickly became our favorite. Oh, we voted for others (Jason Castro) also but not like we voted for David. (No, I don't call him Archie. It's just not right.)  We were sad when he lost to David Cook, but I truly believe that it was Divine intervention that he lost. David wasn't ready to have that much thrown at him at that point in his life.

My daughter and I watched most of season 8 and season 9, even though they couldn't hold a candle to season 7.  We had our favorites, none of whom won, or even came in close to winning.  I guess we have different taste in performers than the rest of America.

That being sad, I am going to write about my favorite performances each week for this season and see how I do on choosing the winner this year. So here it goes, starting with the audition rounds, where a few acts are featured and we don't see good acts who didn't get their songs cleared for the show.

First, so far, I love the new judges.  Steven Tyler is funny and knowledgeable and Jennifer Lopez is beautiful and has great taste in music.  I'm sure it will get easier for her tell acts that they aren't good, just give her time. I do wish that they had replaced Randy Jackson.  He is boring to me, except when he is totally surprised by something and then he looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head. I think that it is the new glasses that do it. Otherwise, he is still just Randy.

I am only commenting on good acts not negative things. If they don't have a good voice don't show them in the show. I don't like when they humiliate people, like the young man who talked about being a Boy Scout. Do they have any idea how difficult it is to become an Eagle Scout? I doubt any of them could do it. It involves years of countless service to others and work on both the boy's part and usually his family too. Yes, I have a son about to become an Eagle. And by the way, they certainly are not all Geeks either. My son plays football, runs track, works out constantly, works hard in school, and plans to join the military in the future. If that is a Geek, than so be it. (Rant over)

Jan. 19, 2011 New York / New Jersey auditions

Rachel Zevita- 22- she has a good voice but I thought she was too emotional. Needs to be able to hold it together for this long competition.  I didn't like her song choice of Hallelujah.

Caleb Hawley- 25-  he was way too rough-looking for me. Needs a stylist big time. Can't wait to see what they do to him before they next round. Voice was ok for me. Rocker?

Robbie Rosen- 16- young but a good voice. Loved his song choice, Yesterday. Just right combo for me. Hated the fact that they had to overly highlight the wheelchair time as a youth. Just win on singing.

Victoria Huggins- 16- "sugary sweet"- cute. Good voice, I liked Midnight Train To Georgia as the song choice.

Melinda Ademi- 16- another sad story, refugee family from Kosovo?. Pretty girl and sweet voice.

Travis Orlando- 16- Family had been homeless.  I liked him the best for these auditions.

Jan. 20, 2011 New Orleans auditions

Jordan Dorsey- 21- Sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Nice vocals, obviously more experience and confidence that the young teens.  Musician, and piano and voice teacher for neighborhood kids. One of my favorites

Sarah Sellers- 28- Nice voice but not as good as the judges said.  Lots of personality. Older (28) and experienced in the working world, so she knows how to carry herself. Needs a stylist in my opinion.

Brett Loewenstern- 16- Nice voice. Very different young man, outcast in school. Only 16 and might have a hard time with all of the pressure on this show.

Jacee Badeaux-15- Really nice voice for so young.  Loved his song choice, Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.  Concern, voice may not have changed and could run into problems with this in competition. One of my favorites of the night.

Paris Tassin- 23- Sad story here again.  Daughter is a special-needs child. Sang Temporary Home.  Nice voice, not sure if she could handle the pressure of being away from her daughter for long.  Made    J LO cry but not me.

Well, there it is.  The first of my critiques for AI 10.  We'll see how this goes through the auditions and if I keep writing or not.

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