Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Plea For a Tour Stop in Austin

David Archuleta has been telling us, his fans, that plans are in the works for a tour. We all are anxiously awaiting the details, hoping that our cities, or at least some that are near us, are included on the itinerary. We all want to see David in our home towns but obviously that can't happen. He can't be everywhere. There are many fans who have been fortunate enough and financially able to travel all over the country, and some all over the world, to be able to see David perform live. Unfortunately, there are many, many more fans who are not able to travel anywhere outside of their own cities, who would love to see David perform live.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to see David perform live 4 times now, all in the state of Texas, but never in my home, Austin. I traveled to San Antonio to see him in March 2009, on his first tour,

 and then to Houston, to see him open for Demi in July 2009. 

Then there was a terrible drought in Texas, both meteorologically and  "Archieologically" (Oh, I made up a new word!) and I didn't see David in an actual performance until this past Dec. 2010, in Dallas at the Children's Hospital benefit

and then a few days later in San Antonio, again, this time with Kaleidoscope, but performing only two songs.  

I need to see and hear a full concert from this incredible young man, soon.  
Since everyone is talking about where the tour stops should be, I thought I would put in a plug for my favorite possibility:
I would like to nominate Austin, TX as a great tour stop for David. David has never appeared here.  We are the capital of Texas and are centrally located for easy access. (Or at least as easy as it gets in a state this big. An eight hour drive is not that long for David’s fans, right?)
We are a very music-oriented city. We are known as “The Live Music Capital of the World” with over 200 live music venues in our city. 
We are the home of the legendary PBS program “Austin City Limits” which began in 1976. We are the home of the “ACL Music Festival”, an outdoor fest celebrating 10 yrs this Sept., which this past fall hosted 125 acts on 8 stages over 3 days and had approximately 80,000 attendees.
Austin also hosts the South by Southwest (SXSW) music fest and conference. The fest, which is held in March, began in 1987 and has grown to include over 2,000 acts from all over the world playing in over 90 venues in downtown Austin. The music industry conference, which is held at the same time, had over 13,000 industry reps attending last year.
This city lives and breaths music. On any given night you can find acts performing any kind of music you want to hear; jazz, rock, hip hop, country, tejano, indie, rap, pop, etc.; basically, anything you like.
It is my dream to actually hear David perform here in our fair city. He can perform in any size venue that he likes, from tiny clubs to a stadium that holds 100,000+. We have some wonderful outdoor venues built specifically for music, including one that overlooks the Texas Hill Country, that David would love.
I hope to actually see and hear David perform live in Austin sometime in my lifetime. 

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