Saturday, January 22, 2011

Task of the Day

David Archuleta has taken to twitter lately to give his loyal followers different tasks to occupy there time while we wait for a tour. These tasks started in November and have been met with enthusium by the fan-world.

Below are my responses to the tasks.

November 24, 2010: Challenge for the day: Visit a neighbor you haven't spoken to for a while or haven't met yet. A quick hello might be what they need today.  
I spoke to my neighbor as she was walking by my house on the way to the mailbox. The neighbor is older and my kids think that she is mean (She did yell at them for no reason when they were younger) but I think she is just lonely. She always seems happy if we say hello.

December 6, 2010: Here's a task for the day: call a grandparent, great aunt/uncle, etc. and ask them how they're doing or if they have a cool story.  
Since I no longer have grandparents, or parents for that matter, I spoke to my mother in law. She is great at telling stories about the past even if you didn't ask for one. :)

December 14, 2010: Task for the week: write a letter to someone. Don't text or email, actually write it! It shows the effort you made to reach out. 
Well, imagine my surprise when this tweet came in and I was already in the process of writing a letter to David. Totally floored me. :)

On December 22, 2010: Task for the day: write down something that you either were thinking about or excited about this week. Make sure you put the date.
Not excited about this but definitely thinking about the fact that my father in law will be stuck in a rehab center for Christmas because he fell and broke his hip on Dec. 15.

On December 31, 2010 Daivd instructed us : Task for today: think of a new year's resolution and to it next year!  If you already have a resolution, try to think of another one that will challenge you to stick with it the whole entire year.
David, I hate to tell you this but I refuse to make New Years Resolutions and I especially don't write them down. But just for you here is what I decided on for this year. This is my contribution to the Golden Archies Resolutions thread:
I never make New Year's resolutions and it drives my husband crazy. He used to always try to get me to write something down on Jan 1 when he forced the kids to write their resolutions but I think that they are silly. He is always resolving to loose weight/exercise regularly (which he doesn't) or pay off all of our bills (which isn't easy if I can't find a job and he doesn't want to change his) or totally organize the house (which doesn't go well with his ADD). Why write stuff down if you know that it won't happen?

All this said, I will NOT make resolutions but will say this:
I WILL continue to look for a job this year and, hopefully, find one;
I WILL think about a plan to loose weight and, if I am fortunate enough, I will follow through with this plan without injuring myself this time;
I WILL continue writing the young adult fiction book that I started a couple of months ago, until it is complete;
I WILL pursue the possibility of publishing this book, if anyone in the world is interested in reading it, besides me;
I WILL continue to support David Archuleta in all ways that are possible for me to do;
I WILL continue to aimlessly ramble on and blog about David and other stuff that strikes my fancy; and
I WILL find a way to get together with all of my new friends here at GA and attend more concerts by the one and only, David Archuleta.

Happy New Year's Everyone

On January 3, 2011 David told us : Task for the week: Eat a type of food you've never tried before that's of a different nationality.
This is my favorite task to date: This is the entry I sent in the
In honor of David's "try an ethnic food" tweet, my daughter (who is preparing to start culinary school) and I tried our hands at some German food that we had never made before.  My maternal Grandmother's family were part of the founding families of Fredericksburg, Texas.  They arrived there in 1846 from Germany. The recipes  that we used for our dinner are part of a cookbook honoring the 150th anniversary of Fredericksburg.  This book was first printed in 1916 and is now on its 13th edition. The recipes that we chose are handed down from the founding families.  

We made Kohlrouladen (Stuff cabbage rolls) and Kartoffelpuffer mit Zwiebel (Potato Pancakes with Onions).  Everyone really liked the cabbage rolls but we decided that the potato pancakes are basically hashbrowns. 

We decided to try this ethnic food night again next week. Of course, Mexican food can't count here in Central Texas since we make that all the time.

Today, January 22, 2011 David instructed us again: Task for the day: Draw something. Doesn't have to be fancy because I sure can't draw either haha. It can be simple. 

In response to @ task of the day to draw something. Dreaming of an Austin, TX concert soon.

Obviously, freehand drawing is not my forte, but it was fun anyway.

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