Friday, February 18, 2011

AI 10: Hollywood Week Comes To An End

We started last night's show with 100 contestants each singing a solo number of their choosing (sort of). This was the first time this season that the contestants have been allowed to use instruments. This made for a more interesting view.  We also got to finally see a few other contestants whom we have heard rumors about but have not heard sing a note.

Here are my impressions on the featured contestants in this episode as each performed:

Haley Reinhart- showed her clip from the group round where she was not good as a contrast to powerful, soulful solo performance.  Really good .

Ashton Jones- First time to see her was in the group round.  Solo performance of And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going was really powerful.  Nice job.

Thia Megia- I haven't really liked her because she reminds me of Charice but her rendition of What a Wonderful World was really good.

Adrian Michael- NO

Caleb Johnson- NO NO

Frances Coontz- NO NO NO

Clint Gamboa-  Still don't like him. I thought his Georgia was kind of squacky, IMO.  His voice does nothing for me, except irritate me.

Kendra Chantelle- We have never heard of her before but Nice job on Georgia. Wonder what else she can sing?

Sophia ? - Another new contestant. OK job on Georgia.  Liked her better than Clint.

Chris Medina-  OK on My Prerogative.  Not a song that I would ever listen too though.

Carson Higgins- Annoying person IMO.  Didn't like his My Prerogative at all.

Julie Zorrilla- Finally a contestant who has the guts to play an instrument whilst singing. Nice job on the keyboard and with Lovesong.

Caleb Hawley- Playing guitar, I don't remember the song.  I was instead struck by my 16 yr old son's observation.  He looks stoned. (Why, yes he does, doesn't he.)

Colton Dixon-  Looked very comfortable behind the keyboard.  Nice job on What About Now.

Brett Loewenstern-  Playing guitar.  I don't know the song that he performed but he sounded good.

Robbie Rosen- Playing keyboard. Nice job on Gravity.

Casey Abrams-  Casey is the one to watch in my opinion.  Totally blew everyone away with a stellar performance of Georgia while accompanying himself on the stand up bass violin.  Absolutely fantastic.
If I had to pick the winner right now, it would be Casey.

Jaqueline Dunford- sick. Taken to hospital. Not my favorite contestant but I do hope that she is all right.

Chelsee Oaks- thrown for a loop after her roomie, Jaqueline, is taken away. I feel sorry for Chelsee. Not a bad voice but too much going against her in Hollywood. I think that she would have been better off if she had not known anyone in the competition before she arrived in Hollywood.   Not a bad performance, just not good enough.

Lauren Alaina- I am really tired of her now. The seduction of Steven Tyler, old enough to be her grandfather, has got to stop. She's 15 for goodness sakes. Does she know any new songs that aren't connected to Tyler?

Jacob Lusk- First time to hear more that a few lines from him.  God Bless The Child was very emotional.  Standing "O" from judges and contestants. Fantastic job, but he can't have an emotional break down after each performance.  America can only take so much of that.

John Wayne Schulz- Played guitar for Landslide.  Really good. Showed JLo singing along right when I caught myself singing also.

Ashley Sullivan-  "Ms Basket Case" is back.  Dedicates Everything to her BF in the balcony and proceeds to forget the words.  What a mess.

Stefano Langone-  I think the song is You Can Feel It, but not sure.  Nice job though on the very small clip.

Jovany Barreto-  Don't know the song from him, but it sounded nice.

Jacee Badeaux-  Smart kid.  Sang David Cook's coronation song Time of My Life.  Nice job.

Scotty McCreery-  Sang, or at least tried to sing, I Hope You Dance because it was the only country song on the list. Only country song on the list when they have all of these contestants with country backgrounds. Weird.  John Wayne Schulz couldn't get much more country and he found a song to sing, and well.  Scotty, you disappointed me.

Ta-Tynsia Wilson-  Another new to the screen contestant. Why did they wait until now, when she totally messes up, to show her. She also massacres I Hope You Dance.  I happen to like that song a lot, but not her version.

Some nice work on solos and yet they choose to end with two contestants, one a favorite, falling apart. Idol, you disappoint.

Time to cut.

Contestants divided into 4 rooms.  Let's call these rooms #1- Absolutely, YES, #2- absolutely, NO, #3- probably NOT, and #4- Probably Yes, since we need more to cut next week.

Rm #1- Ashley Sullivan (Oh, the drama)
             Brett Loewenstern
             Jacee Badeaux
             Jacob Lusk
             Caleb Hawley (Are you people stoned?)
             Clint Gamboa (Locked in the same room with Jacee. Good thing that Brett was there too.)
             Casey Abrams (And his bass)
             Robbie Rosen
             Lauren Alaina (and her hair)
             James Durbin (And his bandana)
             Haley Reinhart
             Chris Medina (And his hair)
             Jackie Wilson (Without her daddy/BF)
             PLUS MORE I CAN'T ID

Rm #2- Corey Levoy (Please don't cry like that. Texas guys don't do that)
              Brielle Von Hugle
              And a lot of people I don't recognize.

Rm #3- Chelsee Oaks
             Mark "the other brother" Gutierrez
             Monique "I tried to stick up for Jacee but Clint is a bully" De Los Santos
             People whose faces are familiar but I don't know their names

Rm #4- Jovany Barreto
             Anaima Adedapo
             Colton Dixon (my pointy hair has a hat on it now)
             Julie Zorrilla
             Scotty McCreery (lost favorite status pretty fast there, didn't you?)
             John Wayne Schulz (really good, but not flashy enough for Idol.  LDS contestant this year.)
             Rachel Zevita
             Thia Megia (good, but they are not pimping Charice this year)
             Hollie Cavanagh
             Denise Jackson (I like Jacee, what's wrong with Clint)
             Carson Higgins (Oh , please no)
             Pia Toscano
             Stefano Langone
             Ashton Jones
             Molly DeWolf Swensen (White House intern we haven't seen since auditions)
             PLUS MORE I CAN'T ID

Well, there you have it.  Rms 1 and 4 are through to next week.  They all get to go to Vegas and sing Beatles songs.  We all know what a disaster that can be.   Not sure how many are left after this cut, either 50 or 60, I think from the rumors I have seen on certain sites.

If I had to pick a winner right now-  Casey Abrams !

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