Thursday, February 3, 2011

American Idol 10: Auditions week #3

Well, the AI10 show last night featured the auditions from my home of Austin, Texas.  I was disappointed with the show. They featured some talented contestants, but none of them are from Austin. Yes, several are from Texas but none from Austin.  I personally know some very talented Austinites who auditioned.  Not one person from Austin that was talented sang a cleared song so that they could represent the city on the show. How sad. It's no wonder that it is rare that you here the music of previous Idol contestants on the radio here, expect for Carrie Underwood and Daughtry, who are everywhere. And do shows always have to make Texans look like a bunch of hicks? I like country music but I'm not a hick. I happen to like lots of different music genres and so do most Texans.  Thank you for letting me rant for a moment.  Now, on with my opinions on last night's show.

Corey Levoy- 21- from Longview, TX (that's east Texas near Louisiana border hence the major accent). Has a major twang in his speaking voice, not as bad in singing voice.  Sang, I Can't Make You Love Me.  Not too bad but no where near me favorite.

Hollie Cavanagh- 17- originally from England, now living in McKinney, TX (that's north of Dallas).  Child was really nervous and tearful.  Sang, At Last by Etta James and The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Pretty good but the nerves could do her in in Hollywood.

John Wayne Schulz- 23- From Karnes City, TX (that's between San Antonio and the Tx coastal city of Corpus Christi). I really like this guy.  Nice back story without it being terribly gut wrenching. A true cowboy, family has cattle ranch. Sang, Believe by Brooks and Dunn.  Nice job. Very strong faith-felt performance. Best of the Austin auditions.

Janelle Arthur - 20- Oliver Springs, TN.  Nice country girl look and voice.

Casey Abrams- 19- Idyllwilde, CA.  Brought his melodica with him.  Sang, I Don't Need No Doctor by Ray Charles. Nice jazzy sound.   Loved the scats, really nice. Unusual for one so young. Hope he does well.

I'll post tonight's LA auditions tomorrow.

Well, I watched the LA auditions last night and all that I can say is ... why did they even have this show. They could have just skipped LA.  Nothing impressive was shown in that hour except for the MySpace auditioner, Karen Rodriguez.   I will watch it again later today and see if I can salvage any good comments about the show, but I doubt it.  The judges were excited about the last act, the brothers that performed Lean On Me.  They weren't bad but after some of the stuff they showed, most of the audience probably would have liked my dog, Chip, howling to Justine Bieber's Baby.

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