Friday, February 25, 2011

American Idol 10 Top 61 down to Top 24

Well, a lot of people "bit the dust" this week on the two shows from AI 10.  Also my lovely cable company (or maybe it was just our local inept Fox peeps) had a major fail and the first 15 to 20 minutes of both of the shows was on pixel scramble here so I don't know everything that happened first hand.

I didn't get to see or hear all of the portion of the show from Vegas. I was looking forward to the Beatles selections too, so I was really sad. 

I know that Stefano and James sang together- wish I could have heard it. I like Stefano. James, not so much. I admire James for trying to do this as a career. It won't be easy. I'm just not a fan of his style. (I don't like Lambert either.)

I caught part of Pia and Karen- Did they say they knew each other in high school? They sounded good from what I caught.

Jacob Lusk, Haley and Naima-  sang The Long and Winding Road. Yes, it was long, wasn't it? Sorry, I feel in love with this song when David Archuleta sang it. Everyone else should leave it alone now. I do really like Naima, though.  She is different and seems sweet.

Rachel Zevita and 2 people I didn't recognize sang Eleanor Rigby. Ugh.

Lauren Turner and Jovany sang Let It Be. I love the song and I thought they did an excellent job from the little clip we heard.  I like Jovany.

Tim Halperin and Julie Z. sang Something. I really thought they did an excellent job. Nice choice with both starting out on pianos.  They sounded great together.

Tatynsia, Lekeisha, and Jerome- I Saw Her Standing There. Kind of had a gospel sound to it. Mixed reviews from the judges.  Ok for me.

Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle-  Well, it's about time that we actually hear from these two.  Sang Blackbird. It was ok. I liked Kendra better than Paul.  Not the kind of sound that I enjoy listening to. 

Clint and someone sang.  I don't like him and I don't know who he sang with so...

John Wayne Schulz and two African American guys did their Apollo part 2 performance. Don't know what they sang.

Oh fun!  Ashley Sullivan got married while they were in Vegas.  Well, I'm glad that her trip there was not a total lose. And she even found the same wedding chapel that Britney Spears used.  How much fun. NOT

Thia and Melinda (somebody)-  sorry, forgot her name. Here Comes the Sun or There goes my chance at fame and fortune for Melinda. Poor thing never knew where she was in that song. Maybe because of the horribly rude vocal coach that was yelling at them.  Need to have thick skin for this show.

Ashley and Sophia- Ok so Sophia would have been eliminated anyway if this hadn't been the worst song for them. AI has enough problems already, they don't need criminals kids on the show. We Can't Work It Out.

Lauren Alaina, Denise Jackson (doesn't help to have a famous name), and Scotty.  Hello Goodbye  had an interesting twist with three singing it. I thought it was cute. Scotty sounded good. Steven Tyler referred to it as "Marks brothers put out a fire."

Carson Higgins and Caleb Hawley - Ouch!  Goodbye

Casey and Chris- very odd version of Hard Day's Night while jumping on a bed on stage.  Chris didn't sound that good.

Aaron, Robbie and Jordan- Got To Get You Into My Life sounded nice.  I like Robbie a lot.  He was the best of the group. 

Well, time to say bye bye to a few.  Not heart broken over any of the peeps leaving at this point.

Top 40 to Top 24

Back to LA to an airplane hanger? and prep for Jennifer's meltdown. I think she was watching too much of the clips from Ashley.

1.  Naima Adedapo-  YES, I like her. She looked beautiful in the sky blue dress too.
2.  Hollie Cavanagh- No, JLo wanted her and so did I.  Please come back next year.
3.  Lakeisha Lewis-No, Never saw enough of her to decide.
4.  Alex Ryan- No, Never saw him either. Maybe another time.
5.  Clint Gamboa- yes, but I don't like him at all.  Go away, Clint.
6.  Haley Reinhart- yes, really pretty but not my favorite voice.
7.  Deandre Brackensick- No, I like this kid.  He should have gone farther.  Maybe next year.
8.  Paul McDonald- Yes, not for me but the judges say yes.
9.  Ashton Jones- Yes
10. Chris Medina- No, I actually agree with this. I see he is already getting songs and jobs, Hum?

So we change to Thursday night and my cable is non-existent for a while. Looks like I missed:

11. Karen Rodriguez- Yes
12. Robbie Rosen- Yes
13. TaTynsia Wilson- Yes
Ok cable is back.
14. Tim Halperin- Yes, sang an original song, good for him.
15. Julie Zorrilla- Yes, I like this girl a lot.

Please, Dueling Cowboys? Can't they both go through?

16. Scotty McCreery- Yes, I liked the Long Black Train 
17. John Wayne Schulz- No, I don't agree with this. Too good looking and talented for you Idol?
18. Jovany Barreto- Yes.
19. Lauren Turner- Yes.
20. Twian Strong- No, sorry you didn't get air time after auditions.
21. Erin Kelly- No. Who are you?  No one knew anything about you? TPTB strike again.
22. Rachel Zevita- Yes, Interesting. Not sure about her but I like grandma.
23. Kendra Chantelle- Yes, Um, why?
24. Jordan Doresy- Yes, I say no.
25. Lauren Alaina- Yes, not a surprise but I hope that she learns some new songs.
26. Stefano Langone- Yes, hope that he and Jovany don't cancel each other out.
27. Jackie Wilson- No, bye bye
28. Jacob Lusk- Yes, please stop screaming at me. And fix those weird faces that you make.
29. Pia Toscano- Yes.
30. James Durbin- Yes, to the second coming of Adam Lambert. I don't like him either.
31. Casey Abrams- Yes, very original. Talented. I like him to win.
32. Thia Megia- Yes, sang You Raise Me Up. Already connected to David Foster.
33. Jessica Cunningham- No, bad loser. Hope you are done after 7 rejections from Idol.
34. Colton Dixon- No, too bad. You sounded great the little I heard. Come back or go get signed.
35. Jacee Badeaux- No, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's ok, come back next year. Blow them away.
36. Brett Loewenstern- Yes, Classy kid.  Acknowledges his two friends more.

Well, I have lost 4 people somewhere. Sorry.

Aaron Sanders- No.
Brittany Mazur- No
Jerome Bell- No
Jimmie Allen- No

Well, there we have the top 24.
So Idol will be on 3 times next week.  Not good. I have other stuff to do on some of those days.  Hope we can vote for more that an hour or two.  I hope Casey will be ok for the show that they are taping tonight. I don't want to lose him.

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