Friday, February 11, 2011

American Idol 10: Hollywood Rounds Part 1

Well, last night AI showed the first two days of the Hollywood rounds.  327 Golden Tickets were given out and 168 contestants were passed through to the next round, the group songs. (I really don't like that part.) Before I write about how my favorites did, I have to say that I was actually disappointed in the show last night. I had hoped to see at least some contestants that we have not seen before, but that was not the case.  Every person that was named during the show has already been featured on an audition round. So all this show did was follow the same people,  and most of those moved on to the next round.  I would have liked it better if AI did less backstory on this show and more new contestants, but I guess they want to keep all of the sympathetic viewers on board.  It is sad to note though that of the 168 contestants that moved on to the group round, only 27 were shown last night.  Well, here how I saw last night's round:

Brett Loewenstern- As strange as he seems, I really love this kid.  Not the normal type of contestant for me to follow, but something about him appeals to me. He was so nervous to start out but then blew them all away with his vocals on Let It Be.  

Rachel Zevita- The girl has a decent voice, but there is something about her personality that I don't like.  Sorry, but she rubs me the wrong way.

Thia Megia- Sorry, but I am not a fan. The girl has a good voice.  She is powerful, but to me, she seems overly confident.  She also reminds me of Charice Pempengco, who I don't really like either.  (Sorry David Archuleta, I know Charice is a friend of yours, but I can't stand her.)

Casey Abrams- For a 19 yr old white boy, this kid can really sing some old school jazzy stuff. Nice scatting again. I really like this kid even more now.

James Durbin- James, I love your singing and the fact that you are overcoming a lot to be on that stage, but please find a stylist soon.  That hair will be the death of you, if not me. I did like his rendition of Oh, Darlin'.  I am still worried that this competition will be too much for him to handle though.

Paris Tassin- She was ok for me during the audition, but I did not like her My Heart Will Go On. Celine she is not. Did I sense a key change that should not have been there or was it just poor editing. I still think that this will be too much to be away from her daughter.

Lauren Alaina- I did not think she did as well here as she did at auditions.  It could be that she was singing on of my all time favorite songs, my husband and mine's, and it was totally rushed and flat to me.

Chris Medina- His story is still inspiring but I didn't like his song last night. Not bad, just not really good.

Jacee Badeaux- This 15 yr old is fantastic.  I loved his God Bless The Broken Road. It was really soulful and sweet at the same time.  Get ready for the David Archuleta comparisons.  You know that they will come.

Hollie Cavanagh- Wow! What a change in the girl since the auditions here in Austin.  No more tears, just powerful vocals.  Fantastic job.

Robbie Rosen- I still like this kid. I don't know the name of the song that he sang, but it sounded kind of old. I think he is an "old soul" and will continue to sing these kind of songs.  He is good.

Scotty McCreery- I was disappointed that he sang the same song as auditions but he is still really good. I hope that he has a bigger repertoire in the future. Nice voice though.

Well, others did make it through to the next part but I either did not like them or their songs were not shown.  Of the group named above my favorites from the night are: Casey, Jacee and Hollie.  We'll see what happens next week.

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