Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Idol 10: Week 4- San Francisco Auditions

Well, I am happy to say that the San Francisco auditions were not a waste of time like LA's were last week.     There were several really good singers shown last night.  Here are my favorites:

Brittany Mazur- 21-  only a very small clip in a montage of golden tickets but very pretty and sounded nice. Hope we get to see more in Hollywood.

Stefano Langone- 21- Kent, WA- car wreck survivor.  Sang- Heard it Through the Grapevine.  I really like his voice. Great positive attitude.  J Lo said "definitely here for a reason" A favorite of mine.

Julie Zorrilla- 20- LA- originally from Columbia. family left when she was 8 to escape violence. Sang- Summer Time.  Confident (maybe too much experience already) and good range. I thought that the song showed off her voice nicely.

Emily Ann Reed- 26- Arlington, WV/ SF - House burned down week before audition.  Interesting sound to her voice.  Little girl sound. Might be limited on what she can sing with this voice but definitely different.

James Durbin- 21- Santa Cruz, CA- has Tourrets and Aspergers. Amazing. Very great range.  Very powerful and soulful.  I agree with Jennifer, he does "go away" when he sings.  Music seems to "cure his ills."  My favorite of the night, possibly of the audition process.

Well, tonight starts the Hollywood shows.  Hope to see a few of the contestants that were not shown in auditions including the young man who attends my son's high school here in Austin, Corbin Chase.  He is interviewed on the AI website's "Road to Hollywood" as receiving a Golden Ticket but was not shown at all on the Austin audition rounds.

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