Monday, February 21, 2011

David and Jive part ways

Well, I have been holding back writing about this interesting development in the career of David Archuleta. It's not that I haven't had an opinion, it's just that I haven't really wanted to get caught up in the unbelievable frenzy that has ensued since his now ex-manager unceremoniously announced their split. Kind of tacky, but I guess that's the business she's in.

I'm not an expert in the music industry nor am I in any way privy to any inside information about David.  I am just a fan.  A fan, who like many others, is fascinated by this incredibly talented young man.  A fan who has had their life totally changed by someone who is the physical age of her children, yet is wise beyond his years.  Someone who can touch your heart and heal it without even being in your presence or knowing your name; you just need to hear his voice.

I find it kind of strange that so many fans are upset that David was "released" by Jive.  I thought that everyone hated Jive and their lack of promoting David's recent album.  It's weird to me that everyone is freaked out when we all knew that it was possible, if not probable,  for this to happen.  No one in the fandom knows what David's actual contract with Jive said but many have assumed that it is similar to other former Idol contestants signed to them. Three albums.  Well, David has completed those three albums, even if Jive didn't tell anyone about the last two. There was very little promo for the Christmas album and virtually none for the second pop album.  Pretty sad, unless you consider that they might have done this on purpose so that they could complete the deal and bow out of the contract.

David is not like the other artists on this label. David is not like any other artist, period. And that's where the problems begin. It's not just his voice that sets him apart, but it is also his character, his morals, his principles, all of which he refuses to give up on in order to "make it" in the music business. David is not going to stoop to the "trash level" that other performers lower themselves to in order to be famous.  He is holding to his values, striving to be an awesome example for others.

It was weird, but right when I got that tweet on Thursday from David talking about decisions being difficult, I knew that something major was going on.  I wasn't expecting for Melinda to tweet shortly afterwards that they were no longer working with David but it all makes sense now. I did think that it was really tacky for her to say anything about David and the label.  It was not her place.  I guess she was mad. I was surprised by her actions though because in my dealings with her, albeit they were limited mainly to twitter, she had been helpful and nice enough.  she arranged for David to see all of us waiting outside after the skating show in San Antonio in December. She had even given me an address to mail something to David through her.

I wasn't as surprised that Jive released David from the label. Why have an artist under contract if you don't plan to promote them. It was all telling that this unnamed rep made the statement the same day as Britney Spears new music video came out, with a storm of promotion. The rep said that Jive had released David but I think it is more than that.  I wouldn't be surprised if David had asked to be released since the terms were met on the old contract. I think that David just wants a clean slate. It's time to work with a whole new set of people.  Maybe his dad will help manage him again, or maybe not.  I don't think that it would be a terrible idea. Who else knows David that well besides a very close friend or his family.  I would think that the less that he has to explain his beliefs and thoughts to someone, the more smoothly his career can flow. If not his dad then it seems logical to me that he should find someone who is also LDS so that they can understand where he is coming from. I know I would find it difficult to work day in and day out at an extremely close personal level with someone who was not a Christian or at least understood the basics of Christianity. There would just be too many things that did not work between us.

No matter who chose to end the contract, I think that this is the best thing that could happen for David right now.  He is far too talented to be held back and limited by a close-minded label. There are plenty of other options for David and his career will only benefit in the long run from these changes.

I don't think that we fans have to panic over or become all negative about these changes.  David will be fine. His limited tweets these last few days have not ever had any negative thoughts in them. (Well, except that it was still raining in LA, but this didn't even seem to get him down, just made him change his plans.) David is far too stable and grounded as a person to let this change adversely affect him. He will take it as a new challenge and persevere.  He will rise above all of this to gain new incredible heights, and we, his loyal fans, will be right there with him, cheering him on to victory.

I found a quote today that pretty much tells the story of our love for David. I wish that I knew who the author is so that I could give them rightful credit and an honorary membership in the David Archuleta Fan Club.

"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear."

That's how I feel when I hear David sing.  His song touches my heart and nothing else matters.

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