Wednesday, March 9, 2011

158 Ways You Drive Me Crazy

Okay, I Surrender.  I started this project with One goal in mind; to write a fictional short story incorporating the titles of all of the songs from David Archuleta's three albums into it. I wanted this story to be a tribute to my Hero, the one with the Bubbly personality, the one who said Don't Stop Believing that Things Are Gonna Get Better

As I "pondered" what I wanted this story to be about, I ran into several Barriers in my mind, the first being that there's Gotta Be many really Joyful, Joyful songs that David has covered that don't appear on his albums that I should also include in this story. Well, at A Moment Like This, what's a "go-getter" fan to do? I immediately went to my computer in a Desperate attempt to search my iTunes account to see how many songs I had there. That's when it hit me.  Most of my songs weren't on iTunes because my old player was an off-brand MP3 player that didn't play iTunes formated songs. Most of my "David music" was stored on my computer. The sad part is, last year my PC crashed and took most of my music with it, And I Am Telling You, I had a lot of MP3's stored on that machine.  I felt like I was in an Elevator that was Falling and when it hit, it would Crush my spirit. I wanted to Shout To The Lord, but I knew David wouldn't approve of this. This discovery, that so many of my treasured memories of the past three years had Fallin' prey to a Senseless computer virus, left me with No Air and Waiting For Yesterday.

Well, it's no use Stomping The Roses. Even though I'm A Little Too Not Over You, computer, I decided to Let It Be. It wouldn't help to Complain anymore.  I had to come up with a new plan of action, one that Works For Me.  You see, David has taught us that When You Believe in something and when others Stand By Me and you Don't Let Go of dreams, then You Can accomplish anything, you can Dream Sky High  and even visit a Castle On A Cloud.

And So It Goes that I turned to my youtube account to check my "favorites" to see what I could add to my list.  I discovered that I like to hear David sing about Angels From The Realms Of Glory and America The Beautiful and, even though he says he doesn't really have a Love Song, my heart melts when I hear When You Say You Love Me. And then there is always the undeniably fantastic Love Me Tender. Oh, Be Still My Soul. Ah, I found some of my favorite songs; It looks like I might have Another Day In Paradise after all.  I'm in Heaven.  But Heaven Can Wait because  --Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me --Wait, I need to stop breaking into song and concentrate on the "task" at hand. Ok, lets see what other songs I have on here. Oh, Neil Diamond week group song.  Jason, Cookie, Brookie, Somebody, Craklin' Rosie, and DAVID.  Sing it David- Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show- Hallelujah. I Saw The Light! Wow! That was One Sweet Day.  Man, I've been Reelin' In The Years but I Can't Buy Me Love While My Guitar Gently Weeps  over Smoky Mountain Memories. Well, I think we can Check Yes, Juliet, I am losing my mind. 

Well, there Ain't No Stopping Us Now.  I'm ready to start my story. Get Ready cause here I come. Wait, I see another problem; one of David's three albums features many Melodies of Christmas. My mind is Running in circles.  Sweet Caroline, I'll Be Crazy before I figure out how to work in all of those songs. I mean, I want to be able to bring Joy To The World of David's fans by writing this story but, Hey Soul Sister, how will I ever find a way to work Angels We Have Heard On High into a story unless I talk about a group of fans listening to David sing on a rooftop somewhere. That would be like Waiting On The World To Change, it may never happen.

I need a break from this story thing. These Words just aren't coming to me. Since I have Nothing Else Better To Do, maybe I should go Shop Around at the mall. On second thought, I think I will head to the internet and Look Around some of my favorite fan sites and see what everyone else is up to.  First stop, Fans of David. Oh, Jenny has a new post up.  I like her coverage of all things David.  Let Me Go there first and catch up.  Oh, look, one of my favorite songs has a new, old video of it posted. I like Angels.  Hum, what else.  It seems that David is having writing problems also. Maybe I'm Amazed at this development but it's ok David. All I Ask Of You is that you Please Don't Stop The Music and In This Moment of indecision please know that you can Lean On Me and all of your fans.  We Can Work It Out With You and, knowing How Great Thou Art, you can Climb Every Mountain in your way and Get There wherever you want to be, what ever you want for A Daily AnthemO Come All Ye Faithful fans of David and take My Hands so that we can show David that we will still be here The Day After Tomorrow, as America, and the world, awaits the return of our Nature Boy.

I see Jenny has information about this season of American Idol. I know all about this stuff.  My Girl, Amanda, and I are watching it this year. Some of the talent is decent, but it will never be as great as season 7, when David took us down The Long and Winding Road before he, in no uncertain terms, declared Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Don't worry about that David; it won't happen. There's a Star Spangled Banner hanging above your head. Even Angels in the Alleyway would travel A Thousand Miles to answer The Prayer Of The Children and Save The Day, if you needed them.  You're The Voice that inspires your fans to look to The Other Side Of Down.  Hum! It looks like some of this year's Idol contestants really admire David. Imagine that. Idol hopefuls trying to emulate David, singing songs that David has already claimed as his own, some even when he was much younger, like A House Is Not A Home. Hum, this is different.  I Thought I'd Seen Everything but one of the contestants said that David can sing a soupcan label. I wonder if that would sound anything like Pat-a-Pan or Riu Riu Chiu.  You never know with David,  the phonebook thing was pretty good. Well, here's hoping that this year's crop of Idol hopefuls aren't next year's Falling Stars.

Oh, wow!  Don't Tell Me, Jenny, you are My Kind Of Perfect. You posted a song that I don't have on my list. And it sounds wonderful. I wonder what else she has in this "Mediafire warehouse"?  Oh, my goodness Happy Birthday and A Merry Christmas To Me. There are all kinds of songs on this list and The Most Beautiful Part of This is a lot of them I haven't heard before. Well, Somebody Out There is looking out for me today.  I Could Not Ask For More than this; it is almost as exciting  as God Bless America and The First Noel all rolled into one. (I think I have been listening to Steven Tyler's strange sayings too much lately.) Well, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, indeed.  And it looks like my story is going to get a lot Longer.

Oh, here is that awesome article about inspirational albums that I retweeted about on Sunday. The author really gets David.  That is so awesome. I wonder if she was lucky enough to be at the VIP when David sang the verse of You Raise Me Up. Now that would be inspirational for sure. I would give anything to hear him sing that. I'm usually not lucky like that. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to hear David sing something is Spanish during his first tour. I was in San Antonio when David reluctantly sang those first few lines of Como La Flor, and the crowd went wild. Since then he has proven that, even though he says he can't speak Spanish, he definitely can sing Spanish; es muy bonita (or is that bonito. I never could get all of the ending changes straight).  I think we were all floored when we heard him sing Contigo en la Distancia for the first time on the Alma Awards. People who had no idea what he was saying proclaimed "I Will Always Love You" when that song ended. How did he do that?  And then he goes and totally blows away all of the audience at the Tejano Music Awards with No Me Queda Mas. I beg to differ, David.  I think that you have a lot more Spanish language hiding in you than you let on.   Aqui Estoy Yo, waiting for you to unleash some major Latin fire on us. Somos amor, Somos El Mundo  and we wait for you as you sing of pain, A Puro Dolor, and Shepards, Los Pastores a Belen, and Christmas. Feliz Navidad to you too.  David, I think that you have "inspired" me to brush up on my Spanish so I'll be ready for that Spanish album when it comes out.

Oh, The Christmas Song! I better get back to my story before I forget Who I Am and what I am writing about.  I was trying to decide how to work song titles like The Cat And Mouse Carol into a story. I just don't see that happening. The Riddle that I am trying to transform into a story has me begging that God Bless The Broken Road and the Fields of Gold.  I think I will call a friend and see if she can help me with my problems.  I think I'll try the Amazing Grace first.  She isn't a big fan but she is a good writer. Maybe she can give me a few ideas.  "Grace, how do I make all of these titles work in one story?" "Well, you need to pick a topic to go with each paragraph.  He sings Something 'Bout Love, doesn't he? Pick out all of the love songs and Let's Talk About Love. That way you can say You're All I Need and I Want To Know You and stuff like that." "Grace, you know I'm Not A Very Good Liar so I don't think that I can actually say those things is a story about David. It would be like saying I want To Be With You which would be kind of gross since I'm older than his mother."  "What Child Is This that your talking about?  David is a grown man now and You're Eyes Don't Lie when I see you looking at all those pictures you have saved on your computer. Didn't you just get in trouble with your husband for accidentally downloading 75 pictures of David on his new iPhone?"  "That was not my fault.  I was going to make a slideshow for Valentine's Day with the Seasons of Love, and I forgot to remove the pics from iPhoto.  And besides, he should have looked at what he was loading on that thing. You're not much help today. I hope you have a lovely Silent Night without that new puppy driving you crazy.  Talk to you later."

Well, Grace wasn't much help. I guess I'll call a friend that is a better fan. "Hello, Mary Did You Know that I am writing a story using all of David's song titles. Yeah, and there are a lot of them. At last count I had 158 songs listed. I know, If I Could Only Be sure that I have all of the songs, then I could write a really great story. Maybe I could write to a fan site and ask other fans for their input. I know that there are some people out there that are more  'enthusiastic' than I am. Yes, I know you think that is impossible but there really are. I bet some people would use Parachutes and Airplanes to get to David, if they had too. Well, until I get more song titles to include, I need your help with these. I'm having trouble working some of the titles into the story line. Yeah, I called Grace. And She's Not You. She gave me the typical old Love Lockdown song angle where the writer is just in your face with I'm Yours but David doesn't have that many songs about love and they are definitely not like that. Most of his are more like Touch My Hand or you make me feel light headed, like I'm in Zero Gravity. I guess I'm just not in a Good Place right now.  I just can't get my brain to work. Oh, you have to go.  Ok. Think Of Me later, while you are out basking in the sun and I am stuck here at my computer. Yeah, I really do need to find a regular 9 to 5 job. This surfing the net all day long isn't paying off too great. I'm really Proud Mary of the new job you got, but it makes me sad Everytime You Walk Into The Room wearing something new. I feel like I need a job so I can buy stuff too.  Well, I better go. I need to get this story completed before the hubby gets home or I'll feel like I'm Walking On Broken Glass trying to sneek onto the computer some more.  Oh yeah, your party on Saturday. Of course I'll Be There."

Well, I know that there are some people out there on Needles and Pins waiting to see how this story comes out. I do need to Apologize to you though.  I was not able to find an appropriate way to work in two of my favorite songs, O Holy Night and Ave Maria, without disrespecting the importance of them and we all know that David doesn't want us to disrespect.

Oh, and by the way, if you think of any more song titles, use them to write your own story. Mine's long enough.


Kizzi said...

Wonderful Margy. So creative and fun and inspiring. Thanks so much!! :D

VeeBee said...

Awesome job PandasMama! That was very creative indeed. I enjoyed reading it. I've always wanted to write something like this, but I never really got down to it. You did a great job!
I haven't heard Needles and Pins, or Walking on Broken Glass before. Do you have the youtube links?

PandasMama said...

Needles and pins was a group number on Idol. Walking on broken glass was contributed in the comments of my list of songs on previous post. Said it was from snarkies interview.

Anonymous said...

"Live You Life" singing and rapping on Youtube!!