Friday, March 18, 2011

American Idol 10: 12 become 11

Well another week is completed on AI X and the world is still intact, almost.  I am sorry to say that the person who I thought would be leaving the show, did.  Of course Karen was not the person that I wanted to see leaving the show.

So how did the show go down? Well, Ryan wasn't as cutting and mean as he was last week.  I bet he caught a lot of flack for the drastic way of named the bottom 3.  This week he worked his way through all of the contestants.  Only seems right.

The top 12 group song was ... bleh.  I did like that Scotty started off singing "Born to Be Wild" but after that ... please.  I noticed when Ryan intro'd the performance that he stressed "LIVE".  That should have been a warning not a disclaimer.  I think Idol needs a few new technicians after last night because someone was sleeping instead of switching on mics for the singers.  It reminded me of the volunteers at my church running the media for the service, sometimes they are behind on the slides with the song lyrics and sometimes they are ahead, but either way, the audience is missing something that is important, the lyrics.  I bet half of the contestants mics were not on when they started their part in the group number.  And I am just so happy that someone found a way to blend "Born to Be Wild" and "Born This Way" into a song for these contestants. NOT. If they could only have included "Born Free" as part of this they could have renamed the song "Born This Way to Be Free And Wild."

Lee Dewyze returned to the Idol stage to premier a new song, or to kiss good bye any chance of that song having a future. Has anyone else notice that over the last couple of years, when an Idol winner or runner-up sings a song on the show, that song doesn't do well.  (Well, except for Lambert who for some reason unbeknownst to me, keeps having hits. Yuck.)   Poor Lee, looked just as uncomfortable as normal on that stage last night as he did all of last season.  I have read that most of the former contestants from Idol are uncomfortable when they appear on the show because they all have flashbacks to when they were contestants.  I was hoping that this year would be different without Simon sitting there but it might just be the situation that causes it.

The Black Eyed Peas Auto-tuned their way around the Idol stage again.  I wish Fergie would go solo again because she is the only member of the group that I can stand.  She doesn't need auto-tune. But what was wrong with her last night?  Why did her face look so round?  Something didn't seem right  with her.  My daughter asked if she is pregnant.  Anyway,  please stop having these people on Idol.  You are looking people who can sing in tune and yet you have auto-tuned terrible singers on as examples. WHY?

Well, Karen didn't give up easily last night.  I don't know why Idol has this silly judges save anyway.  They would only use it on a couple of the contestants and then America will have to vote off two people the next week and will get rid of them anyways.  I thought that Karen showed a lot of class and strength with her rendition of "Hero"  and it looked like JLo didn't want her to leave, but it was Randy who said No.

Bye Karen.  I think that the right people have now seen you perform and you will have a career .  As my daughter said, I wouldn't be surprised to see JLo backing here when this is all said and done.  They connected.

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