Friday, March 11, 2011

American Idol 10: Down to 12

Well, they are down to 12 contestants on American idol now.  Did anyone else think that Ryan Seacrest was exceptionally mean last night?  Drama is one thing, but Ryan was over the top for me.  I'm glad that America (or the producers of the show) saved Karen.  I like her.  I think that she needs to move away from tributes to Selena and JLo from now on, but I do like her.  And I'm not heartbroken that Ashthon is gone. The bottom three was and wasn't surprising. I had Ashthon in the bottom of my list as well as Haley.  I still don't see what people like about Paul, but I am not an authority on any of this, only on what I personally like.

Next week the contestants get to sing songs from the year they were born.  So much fun.  We will have songs from 1984 to 1995. I wonder what they will pick. Scotty should be fine and I bet that James can find a good rock number from his year. I wonder if Rod Stewart put out an album the year Paul was born? I guess we'll see.

I do hope and pray that Casey is back for the show and that his medical condition that keeps sending him to the hospital is resolved soon. He is so talented.

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