Friday, March 25, 2011

American Idol 10: The Top 11 Become The Top 11?

Well, we didn't see that one coming, did we?  In a night of bizarre begets bizarre, or as my son pointed out, "they spent some money on this show tonight," Idol managed to pull off the biggest surprise of the year in the last seconds of the show.  In my review yesterday of Tuesday night's show, I stated that there was a good chance the "judges save" would be pulled out last night, and I was right.  What I wasn't right about was who would be saved or what that save would mean. 

With idol reporting that over 30 million votes were cast this week, who were these voters and who were they voting for?  Casey and Stefano in the bottom 3 does not make sense.  Maybe they are too technically advanced for the Idol voters.  That's probably the problem.  Listeners have become deaf to actual talent because of all of the auto-tuned garbage produced by the music industry today.  People were all deafened by the Black Eyed Peas appearance last week so they forgot what actual singers sound like. Lady Gaga didn't release a statement saying that they are the next great thing so people decided not to vote for them. Whatever the case, "America" screwed up again. 

The show had an interesting start.  Mr. Jennifer Lopez (Yes, I know that his name is Marc Anthony) dropped by the Idol dome to instruct the contestants on how to use the in-ears (headphones) that were given to the contestants last week since no one had the foggiest idea and everyone was "pitchy" last week.  Thank you Marc for having the brains to realize that people might need instructions on how to properly use these things. Did you notice that the judges didn't tell people that they were "pitchy" this week? Nice job.

The group number dejour this week was Ain't No Mountain High Enough and I actually thought it was ok. It was the perfect song for this group because all of the screamers got to scream.  Nice surprise that Stevie Wonder joined the group on stage for Signed, Sealed, Delivered.  I hope these young people know just how lucky they are for that experience.  I thought it was quite impressive that Stevie then lead the crowd in a Happy Birthday tribute to Steven Tyler.  Steven was speechless- had to be a first. 

The Ford music video of "Recycling in the Rain" was bland.

Lauren, Pia, and Scotty are safe and going on tour.  Well, of course they are safe.  I didn't think that American was asleep on Tuesday night, just confused.

Sugarland was well Sugarland.  That girl is odd, well, both of them are actually.  I like most country music and I like them ok, I just wouldn't pay good money to go to their concert. And I've heard them sing Stuck Like Glue so much better than that.

Back to the Idol contestants.  James is a big wrestling fan and apparently he likes to slam Paul into things. Fun.  What, Paul and James are not safe?  Paul might finally be out of here? No wait, Seacreast is just messing with us. How dare you get my hopes up like that Ryan? Hulk Hogan comes out to tell the guys that they are safe and going on tour, but Ryan is in trouble with the Hulk so he turns and runs like a little girl. Hum.

Back to the results.  Jacob is safe (BOO) and Stefano and Thia are in the bottom 3.  OK America is deaf.

Jennifer Hudson returns to the Idol stage and is angry at someone.  I don't think that song will be on any of my playlists anytime soon.  Oh look, she can smile.  And she is a foot taller that Seacrest in those heels. Ok, your done. Back to the results.

Naima is safe and totally shocked.  Haley is ready to go home but here comes the shocker, Casey is in the bottom 3. America was actually asleep Tuesday night. Thia is safe. Can't get rid of her; "this season is about the young ones."  Casey and Stefano: one got the lowest number of votes.  I knew it would be a guy this week, I just didn't think that it would come down to two of my favorites. Casey is singing for his life. Two bars into song the judges stop him.  He doesn't need to sing anymore.  "We know who you are."  "You are going on." Poor Casey probably had to go back to the hospital again last night after all of that.  I thought they were going to have to call the EMT's out on the stage for him.  Now that is one really appreciative guy right there.  HUGS FOR EVERYONE.  And Idol is taking all 11 on tour this summer.  Now THAT is a great idea.  Oh, and by the way, two people will be eliminated next week. But everyone has made the summer tour so I guess that's ok if two go out next week. 

Well, as far as predictions go, I was right that it was time for a guy to be voted off.  I was right that Thia was in the bottom 3.  I was right that the jugdes would use the save.  Everything else I was wrong about.  Oops.

As far as the predictions using twitter followers go, this theory is also way off.  And from what I saw yesterday on line as to who the Idol and entertainment bloggers were saying would leave, Haley or Thia, they were all very wrong. 

Well, can't wait to see what next week's theme is.  Maybe the theme should be "No Theme."  Let the contestants sing something that they really know and then see what America thinks of them.  Let's see what these guys and girls would sound like in the real world.  No way. It will never happen.

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