Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol 10: The Top 11 perform

Another night has come and gone.  Actually, I'm way behind on this entry.  I should have put this up this morning.  Last night was interesting.  Some of the song choices were very familiar to me and some I had never heard, which is odd because I grew up in the sixties and seventies.  I thought most did a decent job on the songs.  I am really having a hard time liking a couple of people though, for some reason.

Casey sang I Heard It Through The Grapevine and although he was definitely not traditional, he wasn't too bad.  I thought he was a little to forced on some of it. A little too gruff a couple of times.  ST really liked it, giving one of his odd quotes again and Jennifer and Randy thought he was original.  I think that's good. You never know if original is ok for Idol or not.

Thia sang Heatwave.  Can we say cold front? Actually she wasn't that bad but I just don't know how she could sing that song and not connect.  The voice is there but I don't think she has any life experiences to draw from to help her feel the songs. That and the fact that I thought that she would kill herself on those shoes so she couldn't move around the stage, made her dull for me.

Jacob sang You're All I Need To Get By.  I am so sorry but I don't care how much the audience and judges clap for him, I just can't stand to look at him or hear him sing.

Lauren sang You Keep Me Hanging On.  I think Lauren has found her sass again.  It was really obvious hat Lauren was feeling better this week.  She looked beautiful and sounded even better.  Great job to those who suggested that song for her.  She put some country in her MoTown and it worked.

Stefano sang Hello. I thought Stefano did a good job.  It wasn't great but it was good.  Solid vocals on a blah song.  I wonder what he had chosen that would not clear? I bet he would have killed on the other song.  Sounds like he is having the same problems that David Archuleta had in Season 7.  Songs won't clear. Come on Idol, pull out the bucks.

Haley sang You Really Got A Hold On Me.  I use to like this song ok.  Haley, your growling is getting on my nerves. Please stop.

Scotty sang For Once In My Life.  Now I understand that Stevie Wonder wrote this song, but I have never considered it to be a MoTown song. I guess I was wrong. It's not a country song either but Scotty tried his hardest and I think he did pretty good.  He definitely "made it his own", what ever that means.  ST called him Glen Campbell, not too bad, and Jennifer said he hit his "Lady Killer Note" so I guess he was a hit with the judges.

Pia sang All In Love Is Fair.  I have never heard of this song. I don't think many others have either.  That is not good. Pia is beautiful and I actually love her voice, I just want to hear her sing something else besides a ballad.  She will be stuck in the "only a ballad singer" category with David A if she is not careful.  And David actually sang things other than ballads when he was on Idol.  Step out of your comfort zone Pia.

Paul sang Tracks of My Tears.  Rod Stewart want-to-be meets MoTown, doesn't work for me. Concept was great.  Paul's voice is like nails on the blackboard for me.

Naima sang Dancing In The Street.  Naima is a gorgeous woman who knows who she is. I love that about her.  She may not be Idol material, and probably won't be on the show much longer, but she has now planted the seeds for a successful career.  I loved that she brought in the African element to the song. The dancing was awesome. The whole performance just made me want to get up and dance, and I am a middle-aged white woman who can't dance.

James sang Living For The City.  Really? That's what you wanted to sing James?  I think the song concept was good but your voice is all wrong for the song.  It just seemed to be too high a key or something.  It just didn't sit well with me.  James, I love you as a person and I totally admire you for fighting through so many obstacles, but please start choosing better songs. I want you to do well.

OK, I guess I will take a stab at ranking these guys. Let's see if I can get even close. I might be a weird week and the judges might need to pull out that save. We will see.

1.  Lauren
2.  Naima
3.  Casey
4.  Scotty
5.  Stefano
6.  Pia
7.  James
8.  Haley
9.  Jacob
10. Thia
11. Paul

I can almost bet that America and I don't agree on this. We will see.

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