Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 11 Try It Again

I'm running way behind today because it is my daughter's 19 BDay and we have been out shopping all morning.

So this week the contestants sang the songs of Elton John.  I wondered how that would go.  Most of these songs are not that easy to sing.  Elton has hundreds of songs out there.  I wondered how many would be on the list and today I have heard that there were only 20 to choose from.  Well, that explains some of last nights problems right there.

I'm just so glad that Idol was able to arrange the EW Fashion Photo Shoot for the contestants.  The girls didn't seem to have any trouble getting into the "Elton mode"  but the guys looked quite tame to me.  I doubt Elton is that bland, ever.

It's so nice that Taio Cruz is writing a song to sing at the finale and he wants the viewers at home to help write the song. Really, Idol couldn't find a former contestant who writes music to offer this opportunity to. Not one contestant from the past nine seasons can write music?  It's so sad.

Well, here is what I thought of the performances last night.

Scotty- Country Comfort-  Definitely a country feel to the song.  Good thinking Scotty.  Grab up that "country" song quick, before Pia turns it into a ballad or Paul turns it in to ... something. That's it Scotty.  Stand your ground.  Don't let those crazy producers talk you out of singing the part that you want to sing.   Sweet, Grandma is in the audience tonight.  Great job staying country, Scotty. P.S. May daughter loves you.  Don't tell her BF though.

Naima- I'm Still Standing- Reggae version-  Well, the girl definitely knows who she is and where she wants to go with it.  I thought that i sounded pretty good myself but I happen to like reggae music and hear a lot of it around Austin.  I'm not sure if the rest of America will like it though.

Paul- Rocket Man- As my daughter so eloquently pointed out to me, "I can't understand a word that he  says."  YUCK is my review.  I think Steven Tyler had the best review. "Are you watering that suit now? It seems to have more flowers on it than the last time we saw it."

Pia- Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me-  Pia, Pia, Pia! You are so disgustingly beautiful. I really want to like you but you are not making this easy. Why did you have to sing that song?  Did TPTB forget to tell you that David Archuleta owns all rights to that song now. Anyone who watched the Battle of the Davids from season 7 knows that DLTSGDOM should not be touched by Idol hands or voices again.  And the Idol choir did not help your cause.

Stefano- Tiny Dancer-  I liked it ok but it just seemed to be missing something. And I really like you, but not that song. I think that you need a good old gospel type of song to connect with.  I hope that you will get another chance next week.  Not too sure about that though.

Lauren- Candle in the Wind-  I agree with Randy that this is a great song, but I'm not sure this was your best performance. It was good and I'm glad that you had a personal connection to the song but it just seemed so old and odd for you, probably because it is old.

James- Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting- James, I know that Randy told you to rock out, but I'm not sure that he meant for you to become hyper and run all over the place.  You were literally all over the place, both physically and vocally.  Flash pots and flaming pianos.  A bit much I think.  Steven said "You brought the rock voice" and he likes it when rockers don't hit all of the notes. In my opinion, the problem is that you are not a rock star yet but an American Idol contestant, and are required to hit all of the notes, at least most of the time.

Thia- Daniel-  Weren't you supposed to find a more relevant song to sing?  OK, your singing to your big brother, but he is not the one voting for you. America might not like the blah interpretation of this classic.

Casey- Your Song-  Ok, who glued Casey to a stool? It must have been Michael Orland, since Casey kept looking at him while he was singing. I actually liked this performance.  It was just tender enough and just rough enough in the right places. And I loved the hair cut and beard trim. It made Casey look slimmer and more together.

Jacob- Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word- Ouch seems to be the easiest word for me from this performance.  I thought that Jacob started out in too high a key and just got worse. and I still can't stand the weird faces that he makes when he sings.  He looked like he was in severe pain.  And my ears were in pain.

Haley- Bennie and the Jets-  I thought that she looked and sounded like a lounge singer, sitting on the piano.  Still growling.  Haley, you are so pretty, but your voice is an annoyance to me. I don't know why the judges kept saying that you were the best of the night. I didn't see that at all.

Well, after consultation with my daughter, here is my definitely personal opinion of the rankings from last night.

1.   Lauren
2.   Casey
3.   Scotty
4.   Stefano
5.   James
6.   Haley
7.   Naima
8.   Pia
9.   Thia
10. Jacob
11. Paul

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