Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol 10 Top 12 Girls

Tonight we get to here from the girls on American Idol.  So far I am not impressed with them. Hopefully some of them can step it up tonight and seem like they might want to win.

Here's what I think about the top 12 girls so far:
Ashton seems to have a good voice but she is lacking in stage presence.  Haley is pretty and pretty loud.  Actually, she is ok but not a favorite.  Julie has the best chance of making it into the top 5. I like her the most of the girls. Karen seems to be pretty good.  I hope that she can bring something together tonight. Kendra has not been seen enough air time to make an impact.  She will really need to have a fantastic night to be noticed. Lauren Alaina is pretty and has a good voice but I really am tired of her flirting with ST.  I also hope that she can find some new music to sing. Lauren Turner is supposed to be pretty good but I haven't seen enough of her to make a call. Naima is one on my favorites.  She is unique and talented. Pia is very pretty and has sounded ok on the limited air time. Hopefully she can step it up tonight. Rachel is not my favorite at all.  I don't seem to hear the same thing that the judges are hearing when it comes to her.  Tatynsia has had almost no screen time so I doubt that she will have much of a chance tonight.  She would have to totally blow everyone else out of the water to advance. Thia still reminds me of Charice. She seems too polished, too stiff, too "David Foster" to make it on Idol.

Well, here are my favs going into tonight:
3)Lauren Alaina


Well, the girls did better than I expected for the most part although one of my favs actually did a lot worse.

Tatynsia- I didn't like this performance at all. Yuck
Naima- Wow! I think she nailed it. Sassy, powerful.  She looked like a star up there.
Kendra- She looked pretty and the singing was pretty good. Not fav song choice
Rachel- What was she thinking? What was that song? Why is she still there?
Karen- Great job.  Loved the song choice, especially sung in  Spanish and English.
Lauren Turner- OK, what are the judges seeing that I'm not?  Weird faces distract from her singing.
Ashton- We have found our "sassy, black diva chick" for the season. Nice job.
Julie- Oh, Julie. Why oh why? What made you sing Breakaway? Not good. I'm sad.
Haley- Please stop growling at me and go home.
Thia- I'll have to admit, she sounded pretty good but I still don't see much personality in her. Dull.
Lauren Alaina- Yes. Thank you for singing country. You needed a good Reba song. Much better.
Pia- So pretty and now finally a voice to go with that face. Awesome.

Looking forward to tonight's show to see what the Idol powers do to us this time. I hear rumors that next week they will bring back several contestants to see who get to be the wild card(s).  Always throwing something at us.

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