Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol 10: The Twitter Connection

American Idol and Twitter are two of my favorite things to follow in the entertainment world, only topped by David Archuleta.  I love Twitter.  It's crazy to follow different people around the world and see what is happening in their lives.  And the instant news updates are insane.  I joined Twitter a couple of years ago to keep up with David Archuleta and his fans around the world. Instant info 24 hrs a day, wherever he is. As of today I follow some 566 different people and institutions. Some are local here in Austin, some are musicians how I have seen or wish to see, many are other members of David's fan clubs. Some tweet a lot, some hardly ever. And surprisingly people are following me on twitter also. I have now amassed of simple following of 184.  It's fun to send out a tweet because surprised you or mad you mad, and someone in another town or even the other side of the world responds to you.

When AI announced that the contestants would be allowed to use twitter this year to post messages and respond to fans, I was excited. I wanted to get a little of the behind the scenes info.  What would they be able to say? Who would say the most? Would they actually respond the people, would they be allowed to respond? I had to decide if I wanted to follow all of the contestants accounts or just my favorites. Well, I really don't care what some of them have to say, so I opted to follow my favorites: Casey, Scotty, Stefano, Naima.  I have noticed that Naima usually has something positive/inspiration to say to start each day.  Scotty usually doesn't tweet until late in the day. When Casey is feeling good he tweets all the time. Stefano loves to tweet, a lot, and to respond to his followers too.

I read somewhere last week that some bloggers are predicting the outcome of this season of Idol by the number of followers each contestant has on Twitter.  I started to hear that the guys have a lot more followers than the girls and people are trying to decide each week's results by the number of followers. I decided to see if this theory had any validity so I pulled up the twitter accounts for the Top 13 to see what's up.  Here's what I found today at 1:30 PM CDT.  I have rounded these numbers to closest 100.

1.  Scotty       39,000
2.  Casey       38,100
3.  Paul          32,000
4.  Lauren      28,200
5.  Pia            27,400
6.  Thia          27,150
7.  James        25,750
8.  Stefano      24,500
9.  Jacob         15,900
10. Karen       15,150 eliminated last week
11. Haley       14,300 bottom three both wks so far
12. Naima      12,400 bottom three last wk
13. Ashthon     7,400 first eliminated

Just to compare with contestants who had already been eliminated earlier before the official top 13 twitter accounts opened. these are personal accounts.
Chris Medina      10,800
Tim Halperine     10,800
Julie Zorrilla          3,900
Jovany Barreto      3,200
Brett Loewenstern 2,800
Rachel Zevita        2,000
Lauren Turner       2,000

Looks like Ashthon was not the best save for the top 13 after all.  If America had chosen, Tim should have been the other choice.  Chris Medina had been eliminated before all of the rest of these contestants.

If the votes followed the twitter followers as some are saying, then Karen should not have been eliminated last week.  Both Haley and Naima have fewer followers.  Not all of American Idol voters are on twitter so we need to take that into consideration.  I think both of these ladies could be in trouble this week unless they totally kill their songs. Jacob is the only guy who is in the bottom and it is time for a guy to be eliminated, I just don't see him leaving during MoTown week, unless he picks a classic and butchers it.

Well, we will see how they do tonight and I will post my evaluation tomorrow morning.

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