Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 24 results

OK, tonight's the night. It's time for the Idol powers to do their magic and dash the dreams of half of these young people. I don't like the way that this has been set up this year.  Top 24 down to the Top 12 is really drastic. Now I hear that they will be inviting back some of the contestants next week to sing for their lives. They will pick some number of wild cards next week.  Let's just mess with their minds a little more.

I have watched all of the contestants from both of this weeks shows over again and this is how I rank them:
1. Casey
2. Scotty
3. Stefano
4. Jacob
5. Jovany
6. James
7. Brett
8. Robbie
9. Paul
10. Tim
11. Clint
12. Jordan

1. Pia
2. Karen
3. Lauren Alaina
4. Naima
5. Thia
6. Ashton
7. Julie
8. Kendra
9. Lauren T.
10. Rachel
11. Haley
12. Tatynsia

It hurts to say it but a couple of my favorites going into this week did not do well.  Bad song choices and bad arrangements of bad song choices did not help them. Maybe they can redeem themselves and capture next weeks wild card slot(s).  I hope so.

Well, 13 hours from now I will know how right or wrong I am with my predictions.  I'll estimate that I will get 75% correct.

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