Friday, April 1, 2011

American Idol 10: 11 to 9, Girls Can't Catch a Break

Another one bites the dust. No wait, that's two for the road.  What I am trying to say is two got voted off of Idol last night.  And here is what I thought about the whole ordeal.

Jennifer looks gorgeous as usual. Seacrest does not descend from his mighty throne and walk the stairs, but instead follows the judges through the sliding doors of doom.

Over 55 million votes cast for this elimination. Hum!  That's a lot of votes. I thought that I read that the viewing percentage was down for Wednesday night. I guess people didn't have anything else to do.

Group songs have been changed and we will see small groups this week.

First up Lauren and Scotty singing I Told You So and man do they sound good together. And they look cute together.  I asked my daughter if she thought that Lauren and Scotty would become a couple and she said no because Lauren is too sassy for Scotty.  I still think there might be something there in the future.  We'll see.  this song was perfect for them to sing and they are so safe.

I really like to watch the other contestants on the side as the results are announced. Interesting to see the reactions.  For this first group, the girls are all smiles. The contestant clapping the most is Stefano.  As Lauren and Scotty return to the couches, Stefano is on his feet and greeting both L and S.  Casey is also up and congratulating his friends.  The other guys, maybe not as happy.

Talking about gifts sent to the contestants.  Someone sent James a custom-made replica of a WWF Championship belt with Crazy James engraved on it.  OK.

Naima and Jacob sing Solid which is kind of funny since I feel that they are both on shaky ground.  I love Naima's voice but I hate Jacob's voice.  Well, that didn't go well.  Naima is in the bottom 3 but Jacob is safe. Sorry Naima, America doesn't really like reggae much, ask Jason Castro.

OMG!  Season 3 winner, Fantasia, is in the house.  She is singing her new single Collard Greens and Cornbread.  Really??? I guess the title says it all. And Fantasia looks scary.  She does have good advise for the newbies though, "It's not always peaches and cream. Keep good people around you who will tell you the truth."

Pia, Thia, and Haley sing Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.  I learned something with that performance, I hate that song no matter who is singing it.

Thia in the bottom 3.  Well that's not a surprise.

Awe, cutie Kris Allen and his wife are in the audience tonight.  When will David Archuleta be there guys?

Wow, a clip about living the rock star lifestyle.  I'm sure all rock stars have leaky ceilings and have to move out of their mansions.  "Ouch" on Lauren falling on the stairs. That's not funny and shouldn't have been shown.

Last group performance; Stefano, Casey, Paul, and James singing Band on the Run.  These guys actually sound pretty good together. Stefano on keyboards, James and Paul on acoustic and Casey - what is Casey playing?- it doesn't look like a bass to me. Steven Tyler says they can open for Aerosmith on their next tour. I bet he is kidding, at least I hope he is.  It might sound fun, but aren't these guys trying to be looking for peeps to open for them?

Well, it seems that Casey would be very proud of himself if he knew how many of the 55 million votes he got this time, or so Ryan says.  Casey is SAFE.  James is SAFE.  Stefano is SAFE.  (I feel like I'm calling a baseball game tonight.)  Paul in the bottom 3.

Wil.I.Am. and Jamie Fox have dropped by to plug a new Fox movie, Rio.  It's animated and about parrots. I guess that's why we have a drum corps and brightly dressed dances on the stage. Wow, is this a bad performance of a bad song or what? Apparently these two guys will sing anything if you give them enough money. Wait, don't go drummers.  In fact, play louder so the you drown out the auto-tuned dredge that these two think we want to hear.  Wow. I will have to miss that movie.

So the bottom 3 are Naima, Thia, and Paul.  I got 2 out of 3 right. America and I haven't agreed on this much in a long time. And the two leaving the competition, Naima and Thia. NO.!!! I don't want to listen to Paul sing again. I demand a recount. And Lauren is crying her eyes out on the sidelines. BOOHOO!
Bye Naima, and I hope to see you here in Austin singing some reggae soon, Please.

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