Friday, April 29, 2011

American Idol 10: 6 Become 5 Or Jimmy Hurts Everyone's Feelings!

So last night American Idol reached a new low for me.  Not only did one of my favorites get sent home, but Jimmy Iovine managed to insult each of the contestants in some way as they were given the results.  Well, actually, most were not given the results, just told to wait longer.  Weird way to chop a contestant.

The night started with the kids celebrating Brit Week, only fitting since Prince William would be married in the morning.  The kids were taken to a party at the British Consulate where they all talked to the famous Fred Willard (not sure what he has to do with Britain, but anyway...).

After this the kids did a medley of Carol King songs, not all of which I know the titles of, but some that I recognized were One Fine Day, Take Good Care of My Baby (which having Casey sing this to Haley now seems very fitting), Go Away Little Girl (Scotty should leave this to Donny Osmond from now on), and It's Too Late.  Maybe Carol King wasn't a good choice for this group after all.

The Ford video to Our House was lame.

Crystal Bowersox was pretty good.  Wasn't my favorite last year, but not too bad now.

Q and A time brought back memories of Season 7 when Ryan would take calls from views.  This time the questions were decent and the responses were pretty good.

Results time.  Well, almost.  It was more like telling two people they were safe, Haley and James, and leaving everyone else in limbo.  And let's not forget the negative reviews from Jimmy, for everyone to mull over all night.  I'm sure they are all hoping that they don't win if they have to look forward to years of working with him to advance their careers.
Here's what he had to say about each contestant.
Haley- She doesn't know who she is.
Scotty- He's sound is too subtle, and he can get lost in the competition.
Lauren- She is too negative and hard on herself.  Lacks confidence.
Casey- He shouldn't growl.  "The family dog doesn't vote."
James- He is much more believable when he sings melodic music than when he sings the Metal that he       prefers to sing.
Jacob- He went to the wrong dressing room, must have been at DWTS, not Idol type of clothes.  And he is on Slippery banana peel status.

Always nice to have such positive comments from your mentor.

Bruno Mars had a taped performance.  Notice all of the "big stars" have to have several takes of their performance recorded so that they can be their best for Idol.  Can't anyone just walk out there and perform. Oh yeah, Kelly Clarkson did.

Well, Jacob is safe again. Why, oh Why!!! Who is voting for this guy?  Scotty is safe, like there was any doubt.  Casey is going home.  Bye Casey.  Go get some rest and get ready for the finale and tour.  You will be happy to know that you do not have to be saddled with Jimmy for the rest of your career as some of these contestants might be.  Casey, I think that alone is reason to rejoice.

Next week the top 5 sing songs from then and now, the 60's and today.  Could be interesting for sure.

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