Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol 10: 7 turns into 6

Well, I was afraid this night would come.  I knew that America and I are not on the same wave length when it comes to musical talent.  Here is my take on the night anyway.

Over 52 million votes this week.  Sounds impressive.

Lauren, Haley, Stefano and Jacob perform Train's Hey, Soul Sister.  And I will go with my daughter Amanda's take on the performance. "Something is just not right there.  Someone is way too high, but I can't decide if it's Haley or Jacob."  I think it was Jacob.  His voice doesn't blend well.

Ford video is interesting.  Desert changing into mountains and streams.  I don't know which cars they were selling this time though.  Trying to hard to figure out the action instead.

Casey, Scotty and James sing Cold Play's Viva La Vida and they are pretty good.  Scotty and Casey don't look as comfortable with the choreography as James does but they sound pretty good together.

Casey and Jacob on the hot seat and Jacob is in the bottom 3, Casey is safe.

David Cook sings his new single, The Last Goodbye.  Cookie- I like Cookie.  Not as much as "the other David" but he is a nice guy who David A respects so I will too.  Song sounds decent.  Hard to be comfortable on that stage once you have been criticized on it.

Lauren, James and Stefano on the hot seat now.  Lauren and James safe.  Stefano in the bottom 3.

Scotty and Haley on the hot seat. Scotty is safe.  Haley in the bottom 3.  No wait, Ryan goes to the stools and saves Haley.

Katy Perry sings her new single, ET with a visit from Kanye.  Katy's part was ok, I don't like Kanye.

Results- Jacob is safe (who in the world is voting for this guy) and Stefano is going home. This does not make me happy.  Stefano is a classy guy and sings like a champ.

Well, next week we have Songs of Carol King for the theme with guest Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox. Wow. Those all fit together so well.  Maybe will be back to help Jimmy mentor the kids.

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