Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol 10: 9 Turns into 8 and the Idol World Explodes

I don't know what everyone is so upset about. Isn't this exactly what always happens on Idol.  Some extremely talented contestant is voted off too early every year.  Rarely does the most talented "singer" actually win the competition.  It might have started out that way in season 1, I don't know since I didn't watch that year, but it has definitely been true in recent years.  If you think that the voting public wants talent, you haven't been listening to music these days.  Auto-tuned freaks are all the rage these days.  People who couldn't sing in key if their life depended on it, abound at the tops of the charts.  Singers who can sing anything and make you melt, can't get on the radio. People who dress like trash and sing about trash with trashy lyrics make the big bucks. The music industry has gone to hell in a handbasket, if you ask me. 

And how are any of these contestants supposed to improve if the mentor for the whole season is the same person.  And all he is worried about in the long run is who he will get to sign to his label and make big bucks off of. So he gives stupid advise or no advise to the kids who don't fit in his mold.  Why else would he bring on, from his label, to give incoherent advise to the kids.  Why would they tell the gospel singer that he should sing about sex, the diva to sing only diva ballads when it is clear that diva ballads are not popular now, the country boy to go outside of country, the funky jazz guy to do Nirvana.  Jimmy Iovine is in it for himself, not the contestants.

Hey, I have a fantastic idea on a way to choose that next American Idol.  Let's have all of the contestants go into a sound proof room one at a time to perform one "unknown until it is performed" song a cappella.  Then we will know who can sing and who can't.  What one song would I like for them to sing? Our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, of course.  If they can sing that song with out prompting and stay on key and hit all of the notes, they win.

Rant over!!!

The elimination show was so painful to watch and that was before Pia was voted off.  I wondered who would be the guest performer besides Constantine. I thought that Idol would have some impressive artists since the last two weeks had been so good.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has some incredible artists inducted in it and Idol was bound to be able to surprise us with someone great.

What were they thinking?????  Iggy Pop was disgusting in appearance and performance. Anyone that needs to have the lyrics bleeped out should not be appearing on the show.  Isn't this family friendly? Don't they claim to have millions of teen viewers voting each week?

TMZ is not an appropriate media outlet to counsel the contestants in how to react.  They want the contestants to screw up so they can make ugly comments about them.  What a waste of every one's time.

And since when does Russell Brand qualify as a "charisma coach" for anyone?  he can mentor singers because he is married to one, I guess.  Stupid promo for his new movie is all I got out of it. 

And Gwen Stefani helped ruin the looks of the beautiful girls left in the competition this week.  She took each contestant two of her personally designed outfits to try out for the show; one total fail outfit and one still pretty bad but had to be worn on the show because it was from her. Please let these girls dress themselves. They are beautiful without help.

Constantine looked good up there on stage but he also ruined one of my favorite songs, Unchained Melody. He was there to promo his Rock of Ages tour.

So I won't go through all of the actual stuff about who was eliminated. It all boils down to Pia is a fantastic singer who does not fit the mold of who TPTB want to win this year so they did not do enough to help her go farther in the competition. Yes, she needs to work on her stage presence and get more comfortable out there. But Pia is talented and beautiful and, with the right mentoring, will have a wonderful career in music. She will survive this Idol elimination.

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