Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 6 Sing Carol King Songbook

This could have been a total fail.  Carol King's songs are iconic.  They are well known by most adults, at least.  And these songs don't sound like any of the stuff being performed today, so the teens voting might hate it all, if they are expecting Kesha-like garbage.  For the most part, the kids did a good job with their song choices.  Jimmy seemed to give some helpful advice for a change and "Babyface" brought a new perspective to the mentoring.  And Will.I.Am was no where to be seen. YEAH.

So, to change up the contest this week, AI had the kids sing a solo and a duet.  Not like they didn't have stress already but this is around the time that they usually start making them sing two songs so it wasn't too different.

Jacob was first up with Oh No Not My Baby.  I have really tried to like Jacob but it just isn't working, and those creepy dance moves are not helping.  And who dressed that boy, Ringling Brothers?  Jacob's singing was just ok.  He had a few pitch problems.  The song just didn't do anything for me.

Lauren sang Where You Lead. Jimmy surprised Lauren by bringing in Miley Cyrus to give her a pep talk and mentor. Must be nice.  Not all of the contestants get to meet and be mentored by their idols.  Just doesn't seem fair, does it.  I thought Lauren did a good job.  She did miss a few notes but she was trying to hit things that she had been shying away from. My only questions with the performance are 1. Why did Lauren grab that guy out of the audience to sing to? (plant) and 2. Who are the blond bimbo backup singers and are those wigs they are wearing?

First duet of the night (and Ryan said he would not give out voting numbers for these performances)  was Casey and Haley singing I Feel the Earth Move.  I think they sound pretty good together.  They even make a cute couple.  They can growl at each other if they get bored.  The duet was nice.

Scotty sang one of Carol King's most well known songs, You've Got A Friend. Song had a nice intro. Scotty seemed to really understand what the mentors told him about the song.  He was soft when he needed to be and powerful when he needed to be.  I agreed with Jennifer, he is a great storyteller.  Must be the country boy in him.  And Randy has now ruined his chance of winning by declaring "Scotty's in it to win it."

James was the absolute best of the night with Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.  The a cappella opening was fantastic and so was the rest of the song.  This was the perfect song and arrangement for James.  Once again I agree with Jennifer when she said that he was "magical."

The next duet was Up On The Roof from Lauren and Scotty.  After Casey and Haley's rocking jazzy duet, I thought that Lauren and Scotty's duet was a little too subdued, just sitting on the steps singing along in their little twangs.  Don't get me wrong.  I love their twangs.  I'm a Texan.  "Twangs are a good thang." I just wish that they had been given something with a little more "zap and pop" to it. Nice job though.

Casey found the perfect jazz song for himself, Hi Dee Ho.  Casey surprised us with a few bars at the piano before he moved on to kill some major jazz runs and licks.  He worked the stage well too.  I liked the performance.

Haley chose Beautiful. Now Haley is beautiful but I'm not sure that the song was.  It was a little rough at the beginning and had too much growling for my taste.  I'm not a big Haley fan though I do see that she could have a huge following given the right music.

The last duet was the most awkward I think that I have ever witnessed on Idol,  James and Jacob singing I'm Into Something Good.  Sorry guys, it wasn't good.  In fact I thought it was a mess.  Actually I thought it was scary. These voices do not blend at all.

So, before the results show comes on I better give my prediction for who's going home.  This is just my opinion.  Best to worst of the night.

1. James
2. Scotty
3. Casey
4. Lauren
5. Haley
6. Jacob

We'll see what "America" has to say in a couple of hours.

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