Friday, April 15, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 8 Results - "It's America's Choice!"

"It's America's choice" have got to be the most logical words spoken by the judges so far this season.  Thank you Ms. Lopez for reminding everyone that America picks the winner. (Or at least we are supposed to think that's what happens.)  Ryan tells us that over 53 million votes were cast in this round of the eliminations.  That would be really impressive if it meant that 53 million people voted, but we all know that's not even close to accurate.

Group sing this week is small-group sing, which I happen to like better for these contestants.  First up, our favorite country duo, Scotty and Lauren with Lady A's American Honey. The perfect song for these kids.  They look and sound so good and cute together.  Will this be an all-country finale this year?  Oh, I doubt it, but maybe. 

The Ford video got two spots this week; how it was made and the actual video.  I liked the zombie theme.  It seemed that they all had fun making the video. Nice song choice; Animal by Neon Trees. They should have saved this for next week though when the theme is Songs of the 21st century. 

Another duet. Haley and Casey, the rumored "couple" of the show. Maybe the rumor is true; Casey's eyes are really glowing looking at Haley this week.  Anyway, they sang  Moanin'  and it was fantastic. They seemed to work together really well.  I can see this being something that could last for a while. They seemed to double their talent and likability by performing together. Oh, and SCATTING FTW!

Scotty, Lauren and Casey are SAFE.  Haley is in the bottom 3.

Rob Reiner gives advise to the contestants because he uses music in his movies.  WOW, what a revolutionary idea; music in movies. 

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldine perform their duet and it sounds great.  The original American Idol winner shows the new kids how to make an impact. I loved it when the cameras panned over to the contestants at the couches and we could see Scotty and Lauren on their feet during the whole performance, clapping and singing along. They know talent when they see it.  Nothing offensive, no auto tune, just good ol' singing.

Stefano, Paul, James and Jacob get to sing together this time.  They have songs from the movie The Graduate:  Mrs Robinson ,and one of my all time favorite songs, Sounds of Silence. The sad part is that, after they started singing, I wished for silence.  I loved Stefano's voice on these songs and James sounded great too, but please, no more Simon and Garfunkle tunes for Jacob and no more singing(?) from Paul, period. It's time to give his voice a rest and a trip to the ENT.  Idol has a good one on call, David Archuleta used him for his vocal chord problems.  Paul needs him now.  Funny thing about this performance, Stefano seemed so relaxed and loose up there singing those songs. I hope that he can keep that persona going into next weeks competition, he needs it.

James and Jacob are SAFE. Boo, there goes my bottom 3 prediction. Stefano and Paul are in the bottom 3.

Rhianna performs her latest single, California King Bed, and it's not totally terrible.

Results:  Haley is SAFE.  Stefano is SAFE!!! Paul is "the first guy to leave the Idol stage" this season, and he seems alright with it.  Now he can work on fixing his medical problems before the summer tour.  He sings us out with Maggie May.   Hey, I just realized that he has been wearing a Grand Magnolas' T-shirt all night.  HAHA.

Next week: Songs from the 21st Century?  Is that even possible with Idol?

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