Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 8 Take On Songs From the Movies

Well, when I heard that the theme for this week was songs from the movies, I was worried that we would have some terrible song choices.  I was pleasantly surprised last night with some of the songs and thrilled that a couple of the contestants stuck to their guns and went with their own ideas instead of Jimmy's ideas.  I was not thrilled to see glued to Jimmy's side again.  What's with these two?  Must we have two unwanted voices "mentoring" the contestants. 

Here's what I thought of the performances.
Paul- Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seager.  I like the song.  I think that it was a good choice for Paul. It sounds like him. That being said, I still did not like the performance.  The singing part was fine, it's the running and jumping erratically all over the stage that bothers me.  He looks like someone who forgot to take his ADHD meds.  I'm not trying the be mean.  I say this with 10 yrs experience teaching experience. Paul is all over the place and it is very distracting to me.  And to top it all off, I didn't know that the estate was selling off all of Porter Wagner's old suits.

Lauren- The Climb by Miley Cyrus.  Lauren looked absolutely beautiful.  No more creepy makeovers from Gwen Stefani, please.  It was hilarious when Jimmy told Lauren that she has a much better voice that Miley.  Poor Lauren, she will have all of the Hannah fans out to get her before she even has a career.  Fortunately for Lauren, she killed the song.  it was definitely better than I have heard from Miley.  My daughter happens to love that song and thought that Lauren was fantastic also. 

Stefano- End of the Road by Boys to Men.  Well, I had never heard this song before.  I don't follow BTM and I did not see the movie it was in. I thought that Stefano did a great job with it but I am worried that most of the Idol audience is like me and doesn't know the song.  I think that can go either way with the audience.  Either people will love the idea of an unfamiliar song and vote for Stefano and they will hate the unfamiliar song and vote against Stefano (or not vote at all). I don't think Idol voters like to hear unfamiliar songs on the show.  The good news is that Stefano received high praise from all of the judges so the votes might lean more towards voting for Stefano because of it. But we saw how much praise helped Pia last week, didn't we.

Scotty- Cross My Heart by George Strait from the movie Pure Country.  Oh no, Jimmy doesn't want him to sing this song.  He likes first choice better. For someone so young, Scotty is really confident and holds his ground. America like that I'm sure.  I liked the song.  Not as good as George but George doesn't have to deal with the Idol choir drowning him out either.  You would think that Scotty could just sing without the backups mics cranked up.  Not his best performance, but he will be fine.

Casey- Nature Boy by Nat King Cole.  Very brave performance from Casey.  Jimmy really didn't like the choice or the fact that Casey said he was going to perform it anyway.  Absolutely fantastic Jazz piece.  Just the right amount of accompaniment. Randy said "The world can not live by pop stars alone."

Haley- Call Me by Blondie.  Oh my!  Dress is way too short and the camera angles from the floor are exposing way too much.  Please stop making this into something on MTV. This is supposed to be family friendly. Haley, I try to like you but it just isn't working. The song choice is all wrong for Idol and you are off at the beginning.  Even the judges didn't like the performance.

Jacob- Bridge Over Troubled Water. This is one of my all-time favorite songs and I have been wishing to hear my all-time favorite singer perform it, but that person is definitely not Jacob. It was just ok for me, as Randy would say.  I think one problem that Jacob might have from this performance is that he did not stand his ground with Jimmy.  Jacob had two other songs that he had chosen but went with what Jimmy wanted.  It is a great song, but Jacob needs to choose for himself, in my opinion.

James- Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar.  While I doubt that many Idol fans are fans of Heavy Metal music, I believe that they are fans of artists that stand up for themselves and perform what they like and want.  James was totally in Jimmy's face with "this is what I want to do and will do".  Bravo James.  Not everything in this show has to be about what Jimmy wants. I love the fact that James was accompanied by an actual heavy metal guitarist, Zakk Wylde.  Both audience members and judges loved the performance.

This is a hard one to predict. After last week, no one is totally safe, except maybe Scotty.
Here's how I rate them.
1.  Casey
2.  Lauren
3.  Scotty
4.  James
5.  Stefano
6.  Jacob
7.  Paul
8.  Haley

Of course, I could be totally wrong again.

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