Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost There

Last weekend, one of my favorite David Archuleta fansites,, posted a wonderful fan-made graphic picture made by Juan Morales.  Juan is an extremely talented fan who is always contributing new inspirational work to the fandom of David. This picture was entitled "Almost There" and is part of a fictional album Juan is designing centered around "the journey home" theme.  Fans were encouraged to to try their hand at writing lyrics for this graphic so I gave it a try.  I felt an interesting connection to this photo, so it didn't take long to come up with the words.  I don't claim to be a lyricist, or that these words could even be used in a song, but I do feel that they convey the idea of the graphic as I see it. 

Almost There
by Margy

This life is tough, it moves so fast;
Decisions rushed, and dreams don’t last.
Goals that most regard so high
Now make me want to say goodbye.

This craziness that I’ve been living,
Has asked too much; I can’t keep giving.
I long to know the peace I feel
Inside of me is true and real.

I need to see the land I love,
The mountains rise, the sky above.
I need to breathe that air so clear,
Bring back my life, push out this fear.

I won’t look back, can’t make it right,
The past is dark but my future’s bright.
It’s within my reach, I won’t despair.
I’m going home. I’m almost there.

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