Friday, May 13, 2011

American Idol 10: 4 Becomes 3, and Wow, Am I Wrong

So, Ryan tells us that almost 72 million votes were cast this week, the highest top 4 ever. 

James and Scotty start things off with a song that I have never heard before, Start a Band.

Lauren and Haley follow with another song I don't know, Gunpowder and Lead.  And I thought I was a pretty good music connoisseur .  Guess not.

A new plug for Windows 7 as the kids get to video chat with family via web cams.

Results-  Lauren is in the Top 3.  

Top 4 watch a video taped performance of Gaga's You and I (sounds familiar since Haley did it last week) and we are all forced to watch it to.  So sad that the girl doesn't make enough on these concerts to afford a complete outfit.  Has to perform in her underwear.

Enrique Iglesias was the next video up.  Yes , we all know that you want us to think that it is live, but it is not.  Not a fan.  Sorry.

Trying to make us think that this last performance was live, peeps are playing with big balloons, Seacrest falls off the stage.  Now that was live.  Yes.

Ford Video with Fireflies was the best of the season.  Love that song.

Jordin Sparks hits the stage with her new single, I Am Woman.  And she roared and I did not like it.  Boo to you Jive.  I normally love Jordin, but not this time.  Sex Kitten look and moves, NO.  I am so glad that David left Jive when he could.  Not the direction he would want to go.  

Next unnecessary thing for this show, Steven Tyler premiers his new music video, It Feels So Good.  More like it is so weird.  Randon animals and half-naked women all over the place.  What is the point of this video, and song for that matter.  My husband loves Steven, but walked out on this video.

Finally, more results.  Two girls in the top 3, Haley is safe. (What!  No!!!  She can't be!!!)
America is crazy.  They must be revolting against the judges or something. 

You can see it in his face -  James knows that it is him before Seacrest says it. 

James is a classy guy with an enormous amount of talent.  The right people will come his way.  Jimmy is not the right person to care for James.  He sings us out with a classy version of Maybe I'm Amazed.  Yes, I am amazed with this young man who struggles with two very difficult conditions but still gets out in front of all of America and the world and tries to make a better life for his family in the most difficult business out there.  Bravo, James.  We will see much more of you, I am sure.

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