Friday, May 6, 2011

American Idol 10: 5 Become 4- Exit, The Diva

According to Mr. Seacrest, 60 million votes were cast in this week's Idol competition, the most so far this year.  I wish someone would have told me about 8 weeks ago that it would take that many votes to get rid of the wailing diva.  I would have called all of my friends who don't watch this show anymore and begged them to vote for two hours straight to get him off the show.  I know of a fan base who love to vote in crazy polls but who have given up on this Idol thing. Oh well. It's over now, finally.

So we start the show in true Idol fashion, with a few personal plus for Steven's new tell-all book, and Jennifer's new music and performance, and Randy's bake sale this weekend?

Next we are tortured with the at best times pitchy Ford video sung to Just Be Yourself.  My son wanted to know why we never see these Ford videos at any other time besides during the Idol show.  Well, son.  It might be that for most of these videos, only an Idol audience would be able to sit through the commercial with out running from the room.  That is especially true for this terrible performance.  these kids can't sing together and harmonize for the life of them.  Are there any other Idol fans out there that remember the awesome Ford videos from season 7?  Those guys could sing these group songs like no other season. I still have several of these performances on my iPod today.   Oh, the good old days.

Look!  Idol found a new way to waste our time and prove that these kids have a life besides music.  Today we find them in Hell's Kitchen with chief Ramsey attempting to make omelets.  I guess they wanted to see who will another job outlet when they are cut from Idol.  Looks like most of these kids better become millionaires soon, or they might starve to death if they have to cook for themselves.  Didn't their parents teach them anything.  My son can cook up a mean omelet and he is 16.  My daughter has been cooking this can of food since she was 8.  Come on parents.  Don't make your kids useless members of society.  Well, at  least Lauren won't starve.  Nice job on that omelet, girl.  James, I am ashamed of you.  A father should always know how to cook.

Lady Antebellum dropped by to prove to the world that two or more people can sing together on the Idol stage and actually harmonize.  I loved Lady A's new song, Just A Kiss.   They always sound great together.

Oh boy.  More filler.  A useless video of the kids without make up, attempting to explain how the contestants pick a song and their wardrobe each week.  A more fitting title would have been  How the kids get told what to sing and how to dress each week, but the Idol producers like to fool the audience.

Finally some results or Jimmy rates the contestants.  Jimmy says that James should not cry, it hurts his singing ability.  He gets an 8 out of 10.  Lauren backed out of her high notes in Unchained Melody so Jimmy declares her in the bottom 2.  James sent to one side of the stage and Lauren to the other.  the dreaded groups are back.  I wonder who the "pick-a-group" victim will be. Probably Scotty.  he should know what to do here.

Another trip to Hell's Kitchen.  This time it is a show-down between Lauren and Jacob with a blind taste test.  We find out that neither of the kids has good taste- I knew that about Jacob already but had higher hopes for Lauren.  Well, at least she knew what a hotdog tastes like.

Jennifer performs her new song featuring Pitbull, Live?  Not really sure about that.  Seems like we are supposed to think it is live but you never know with Idol.  Best part of the whole performance was before it started and Ryan dumped the bucket of popcorn on Steven Tyler's head.

Then we got a teaser of Jennifer's new video, I'm Into You.  Two for the price of one JLo tonight.

Results time again.  Jimmy says that Jacob had a rough night (Ya think?) Both of his songs were slightly off-  6 out of 10.  Jimmy told Haley that she needs to take risks, and since she did, he gave her  a perfect 10 and declared her the winner of the night.  Scotty, win or lose, will have a great career.
Jacob is sent to stand with Lauren while Haley is sent to stand with James.

Ryan tells us that even though Scotty was one of the last two standing last week, he was not in the bottom two last week.  In fact, he has never been in the bottom two or three.  Here it comes.  Scotty is safe and must now chose which group is also safe.  He refuses several items and Ryan, to save time, leads him over to the safe group, James and Haley.

Jacob and Lauren are the bottom two.  Lauren is totally losing it.  Please quit torturing her (and us) and give us the results.

YES, the diva is off the show.  Jacob gets to sing one more time.  OH my poor ears and eyes. A House Is Not A Home has never sounded so bad.  BYE, BYE Jacob.  Lauren, girl, pull it together and come back fighting next week.  Please.

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