Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol 10: The Finale Rocks and Country Rules

Well another season of American Idol has come and gone.  Some moments were incredible and many were excruciating, but in the end, I think the right contestant won.

Ryan started us out telling us that they received over 122 million votes for the finale and almost three quarters of a billion votes on the season.  Sound crazy and impressive.

First performance, all of the Top 13 singing Gaga's Born This Way.  This is actually the first time I have liked this song.  They all sounded great together. That's weird.  All are dressed in white.  Scotty and Lauren look happy, Stefan looks "hot" and Jacob looks scary.  Put your hand somewhere else boy.

James sings with his idols, Judas Priest and they are awesome.  This is not my normal type of music but I like these guys together.  Black leather and metal spikes FTW.  James is totally in his element.  Awesome.

First judges' tribute is for Randy, "Our Dawg."  Ryan says "we need to get you a new writer."

Jacob sings with Kirk Franklin and Gladys Knight.  Interesting.  I like Kirk and love Gladys but Jacob I could do without.  Thank goodness the choir drowned him out after a while.

Casey gets his dream duet with Jack Black.  It is funny and awesome at the same time.

Top 13 ladies minus Lauren come out in red and black and perform a Beyonce medley.  They sound pretty good on this.  Beyonce joins them with her dancers and I notice that there is more flesh showing on the stage than costumes.  Just my opinion.

Second judges' tribute goes to Steven Tyler, "The Loose Cannon."  Ryan says he's "too much to handle."

Haley has the best performance of her run on Idol with a fabulous duet with the legendary, Tony Bennet. They sing Steppin' Out With My Baby and he really seems to enjoy singing with Haley.  She looks beautiful as always. What an honor to get to sing and dance with a legend who is about to turn 85.  Wow!

Third judges' tribute is for Jennifer.  Idol decided to show some of the crazies who were in love with her and the top 13 guys crushin' on her. Marc Anthony must be pretty awesome to be able to put up with all of this.

Up next, another "what?" performance on Idol this season. Ashthon, Naima, This, and Karen must perform with TLC with Lil Jon.  What an honor. Not.

Scotty does have an honor though.  He sings Live Like You're Dying with Tim McGraw.  Awesome choice.  I love this song and Tim  so this is a win, win.  Yeah Scotty.

Now, instead of Idol having last years winner, Lee Dewyze, sing, or any other Idol alum for that matter, we are subjected to a clip of audition rejects narrated by reject announcer/singer "Big Joe".  So sad.

Marc Anthony is up next.  He qualifies for Idol since his wife is a judge.  Marc is actually really good, although he is singing is Spanish which most of America won't understand.  He has shelia E. on the drums and Jennifer comes out to dance for him.  Very hot.  Man, can she shake it!

We get a "shocking elimination" clip as Stefano, James and Casey discuss which one of them was the bigger surprise elimination.  Pia settles the debate when she arrives wearing a tiara and a sash reading "most shocking."

Top 13 guys come out in all black and sing a Tom Jones medley.  It is pretty good.  Stefano is "hot" in black as well as the earlier white.  James is totally out of the norm singing What's New Pussycat, and is wonderful.  Scotty sings a classic the Green, Green Grass of Home and Jacob even sounds decent on this kind of music. Surprise!  And Tom Jones is in the house.  Nice.  And man is he getting old.  Sorry Tom.

We are once again forced to watch a Ford music video.  They have not been that good this season, and we are reminded of that as we watch clips for the previous vids this season while Lauren and Scotty sing When You Remember.  Must we?

Scotty and Lauren, with the help of Coke, brought their teacher that had impacted them the most to the Idol finale.  Lauren brought her principal and Scotty brought his choir teacher.  Ford gave each of the a new Focus and Lauren and Scotty get to pick any Ford vehicle that they want.

Lady Gaga is back again to sing The Edge of Glory.  She is standing on a rock tower, dressed oddly, as usual.  The song is ok but the performance, with everyone in leather underwear, is way too sexual for the audience at home for sure.  If my kids were watching this, I would be very unhappy with AI.  I'm glad my 16 yr old son was not in the room when this mess was on.  I would have been very embarrassed.

Lauren sings with Carrie Underwood.  Poor Lauren, your voice is shot for now.  Get some rest and get ready for promos and tour.

Another short clip this time the other members of the top 13 tell what they think of Scotty and Lauren.  Stefano sums it all up with "There are two 6th graders in the finals , and they are kicking everyone's ... "

This is really dragging along now.

Beyonce is back to sing her new single, One Plus One.  Oh, joy.

Bono and The Edge drop by to promote their floundering Broadway musical, Spiderman.  They brought along the star of the show, Reeve Carney, to help them sing Rise Above.  He looks a little like Kris Allen, but does not sound like him. I spy Dave Filice in the back behind the spiderweb.  He recently played bass for David Archuleta. He is very good.  Spidey had been springing through the audience at the beginning of the performance and, at the end, he comes down, upside down, right in front of Jennifer and startles her.  She pulls his mask up and touches his nose.  Cute.

The next surprise guest, who is not even a surprise, is Steven Tyler.  He plays the piano and is accompanied by the Idol band and an orchestra.  He rocks out to Dream On.  Totally Awesome.

Finally.  Results time.
Scotty in a gray tux and Lauren in sunshine yellow dress, and she looks like she is about it faint.

Scotty is the winner.  Not a surprise but still awesome.

Scotty first "Thank the Lord.  He got me here.  Big hugs all around for family and other contestants and judges.  As confetti falls to the floor, so does Scotty, in tears.  He pulls himself together and, being a 17 yr old after all, tried to catch the confetti with his tongue.

And the last thing that we hear before the show cuts out is Scotty saying,  "Thank you so much."

And  I also say thank you to all who have endured my aimless ramblings this season.

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