Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 2, Battle of the Teens

What an unusual season this has been.  Lowering the audition age to 15 made for a few unexpected moments on Idol this year and eventually to the youngest finals match up in Idol history.  Combine that with both finalists preferring the same genre, Country, we come to a very unique Idol final performance show.

I loved the opening clip showing Carrie Underwood and David Cook and how their dreams came true.  Nice to see David Archuleta in the audience also.  Ryan tells us that there are 7000 Idol fans in the audience to see the performances.

Late breaking news from TMZ had Lauren unable to performa and Haley taking her place, but that is not the case.  Lauren says she is ready to go.  The Idol voice doctor, the one who is also David Archuleta's ENT for his paralyzed vocal chord, says Lauren blew out a vocal chord at rehearsals but they have gotten her meds and she will be able to perform.

The show will have three rounds: contestants favorite performance form the season, contestant's idol's  choice, and Jimmy's choice which will be their first single if they win. Hummmm!!!!!

At the end of last weeks results show, Scotty won the coin toss to decide this week's performance order but he let Lauren decide and so he will perform first and Lauren second.

Round #1
Scotty sings "Gone" and he sounds wonderful again.  Fun song. Scotty looks all calm and confident out there on that big stage.
Lauren sings "Flat on the Floor" and she is sounding great too.  Don't hear any voice problems so far.

Round #2
Scotty gets a song chosen by George Strait, his own song "Check Yes or No."  I think this is a little too laid back for Idol.  Scotty sounds great and I like the song but not sure if the average non-country fan will appreciate it.  Should have been something with more umph.
Lauren gets a song chosen by, you guessed it, Carrie Underwood.  Lauren sings "Maybe it was Memphis" by Pam Tillis.  What a dress Lauren is wearing.  Country beauty pageant FTW.  Good song, but I hear a couple of rough spots.  Don't give you girl.

Judges get to put in their two-cents worth now. Randy says that America did a fine job picking these two. Round 1 to Scotty and Round 2 to Lauren.  Jennifer says that we have an explosive start and agrees with Randy; round 1 Scotty, Round 2 Lauren.  Steven says "Scotty, Lauren,  if you sang that better you would be on the finals of American Idol." Both rounds to Lauren because she is prettier.  Scotty agrees with that.  Of course, Randy has to tells Ryan that "Their both in it to win it."

Oh good, promo time.  We have the premier of the "hot new single" that American Idol fans helped write. Positive by Tao Cruz.  What an annoying song.  My 16 yr old doesn't even like it.  Perfect, the mic cut out for a while so we had a short reprieve from the annoying song.  Drummers were weird and useless.

Round #3
Scotty is saddled with a "big" song for his big voice.  Jimmy picks "I Love You This Big" for Scotty's first potential single.  It s a good song but not a great song.  Kind of slow and bland for a "big" song.  Randy said "Not sure if this was the perfect song for you" but good job.  Jennifer says that Scotty is a great storyteller.  Steven says "You proved that you can't make a 3-point shot from under the net.  You nailed it.  Ryan tells Scotty "You're so chill."
Lauren gets a song that has been recorded a few times but not by successful artists, one being Kristi Lee Cook from season 7.  Jimmy picks "Like My Mother Does" for Lauren. He thinks that the "mom-factor" will be big for Lauren.  Lauren is happy to be singing it for her mom; she deserves it.  Lauren is doing great and Mom is crying so Lauren decided to go into the audience and give her a hug in the middle of the song.  Ryan runs over to Lauren to assist her on the stairs.  Good job, Ryan.  Randy says great song and gives her a standing "O."  Jennifer says "It is a tight race, but with that song, you might just have won."  Steven says something about Mom's being bedrock and tells Lauren "You were my American Idol the first time I saw you."

Judges sum it up, please.
Randy- slight edge Lauren.
Jennifer- Tight race.  America has a tough job.
Steven-  Lauren gets it hands down.

So, is it the kiss of death from the judges for Lauren?  Will America follow the normal path and vote like mad for the contestant that the judges did not favor? Will Lauren even be able to perform on the results show? I guess we will see.

Ryan promises lots of surprises on the two hour star studded finale.

But before we go, here is the performance of "Don't You Forget About Me" from David Cook that we had been promised much earlier in the season.  Great job, Cookie.  I like the season highlight reel playing in the background too.

So here it is.  My prediction of the winner.  While I love Lauren and think that she did a great job this week, I think that Scotty has been more consistent throughout the season.  I also feel that he will be more inclined to handle the pressure of actually being "The American Idol."  He is more confident and emotionally together than Lauren is at this point.  They will both have careers and recording contracts, and, in the end, that is all that matters.

Scotty for the Win!

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