Friday, May 20, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 3 Results - OMG, Can It Be

After over 95 million votes cast this week, Jimmy goes out on a limb and predicts a boy in the finals.  Since Scotty is the only contestant that has not been in the bottom and seems to actually have the highest vote count each week, this is really stretching it there, Jimmy.

We start out with a video of the Top 4 visiting the studio of JJ Abrams and a preview of Super 8.  (Yes, Idol seems to be running behind on their trip videos.  If they had left off that sad video by ST, or any of the three yuck performances during last weeks results show, they could have been a little more timely with this fun clip.) JJ gave all 4 a Super 8 movie camera to use during their hometown visits.  Nice!!

Elle Fanning, star of Super 8 and Dakota's little sister, is in the audience to plug the movie and squee over Scotty.

Hometown visits looked interesting.

It rained on Haley's parade, literally, and then she cried at her high school.

Scotty said "Wow" a lot, and cried a lot, and got to sing with Josh Turner, and cried some more.

Lauren was very popular at her high school, toured the tornado damage in the area, met with a little boy who saved his family after the tornado, cried for others pain, and threw the first pitch over the catchers head at a baseball game.

This week the Ford Music video was set to "Smile" on the beach.  Why was Lauren wearing a skirt at the beach.  Did they forget to tell her where they were headed?

In recent weeks, I have like only two "live" performances by other artists that have been featured on Idol, Lady Antebellum and Sugarland.  Other than these two, which were actually "live" and not taped live, all of the performances have been kind of disgusting to me.  Tasteless songs and half dressed women have been the norm.  Even on this results show, another sorry performance was added to the lot with Nicole Scherzinger and 50 cent bopping around making noise.  I actually had to mute the TV during this fiasco.

Tonight there was one rare exception to the recent performances.  The young Italian tenors known as Il Volo were absolutely fantastic singing "O Sole Mio."  Even my 19 yr old daughter and 16 yr old son liked this performance, and they had no idea what this song was or what it was about.  They thought the guys were extremely talented.  I am proud to say that I had already heard of these young men, having watched several of their videos on youtube.

Well, on to the results, which I am ecstatic to say, I got right.  Yes, there is a first time for everything.

Scotty is safe, Lauren is safe and Haley seems to be totally shocked that she is not in the finale.  I wonder what the Idol peeps have been saying to her to make her think that she would actually make the finale. Wasn't this match-up predetermined a long time ago.  I mean, never once since Hollywood week have I ever thought that Scotty would not be in the finale.  And Steven basically named Lauren the winner of this season during the audition in Nashville.  TPTB know that the teens are the heaviest voters out there now.  That's why they lowered the audition age to 15 this year; to get the contestants that the voters will want to vote for on the show, and to keep America's Got Talent and Simon Cowell's X-Factor from taking all of the teen contestants and audience away from Idol.

So, next week we have the two teenage finalists for the first time in the shows history; 17 yr old Scotty and 16 yr. old Lauren.  I guess since they have missed their high school proms, they can dress up this next week and pretend that they are each other's dates for their own private prom.  Hey, they can even be crowned King and Queen.  Maybe the votes can be manipulated enough so this year there is a tie on American Idol and then Country Music is declared the winner.

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