Friday, May 13, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 4 Sing Stuff

Ah, yes. Top 4 sing to see who gets to go home for the weekend and loose even more sleep.  I hope that they don't actually think that they will get to see their houses, family or friends because that is not real likely. As past top 3 contestants have told us, this visit is even crazier than the normal week in LA.  I did enjoy the three-second glimpses of David Archuleta during his homecoming for season 7.

Idol had to be difficult this week and give the kids two different themes and a new crazy mentor.  The themes changes were bad enough, we really didn't need Lady Gaga and her inappropriate shoes (had to change them for the TV sensors) in the mix too.

First up, songs that are inspiring to each contestant, as opposed to Inspirational songs, I guess. 

James decided to rock out to Randy's old buddies, Journey, with Don't Stop Believing.  No problem James, I believe every word you sang.  Great job.

Haley, girl.  Michael Jackson's The Earth Song? Didn't JLo tell you last week how important song choice is?  If you are going to sing MJ at least sing one of the many songs that people will recognize, not one that Idol viewers have never heard before.  You sounded ok, I guess. You growled again and had the Idol Choir backing you up, so it was hard to tell. Lectured by JLo.  Shot down in flames by Randy.  Casey loved it and I think Steven was too busy drooling to hear what you sang.

Scotty sang Alan Jackson's Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning.  I'm not sure if he is picking all of his own songs or if there is a very wise mentor helping him, but this song was perfect for the tone in our country right now.  It was American/Patriotic, Christian, and spot on perfect. "Singer of simple songs" as the song says is just the right tactic for Scotty. Randy- perfect song choice. JLo- I'm in love with you, what you stand for and what you bring to your music.  Steven- Passion is evident. 

Lauren chose Anyway by Martina McBride.  She is so sweet and beautiful.  Great song choice.  Powerful, passionate.  Connected well to what has been happening in her home state of Georgia.  ST says she broke his heart and he is in love with her shoe buckles?  JLo says she is listening to what they are telling her.  Randy says she is back in it to win it.

Midway judges opinions: JLo says she likes all and the crowd screams for all.  Randy says its a three way tie with James, Scotty and Lauren.  Haley is mouthing off something. 

Part 2, Songs of Leiber and Stoller with Lady Gaga helping Jimmy mentor.  Help me!!!!

Haley singing I Who Have Nothing. Could be renamed "I Who Am Going Home But Not the Way I Wanted To."  Gaga tells her to put drama into the song so it won't be plain. The studio audience and judges liked it but I don't really like Haley's singing so I didn't like the song. 

Scotty was very embarrassed by his encounter with Gaga.  She was much too sexual for this down to earth country boy.  I thought his Young Blood from The Coasters was good but not as good as the first song tonight. Lots of praise from the judges.  Definitely a fun song and showed opposite side of first song. 

Lauren sang Trouble by Elvis.  I didn't agree with Gaga's advise to not worry about the word "evil" that Lauren had to sing over and over again.  If it does not sit well with her, she should not sing it.  David Archuleta does not sing lyrics and words that he does not agree with. Don't compromise your values for the competition.  The song came off alright.  She was sassy and had a good stage presence.  I thought it was creepy when the cameras showed the judges as everyone clapped and ST was sitting there with a look on his face as if he is lusting after this poor girl.  Grandpa, tone it down.

James had the most awkward encounter with Gaga.  Didn't anyone tell her that he has a condition?  Why does she have the right to put her hands anywhere on his body.  He will move his hips if he wants to.  He is not Elvis. Great performance of Love Potion # 9.  James rocked the house with a song that normally doesn't rock like that.  I am so glad that he did not just stand there and move his hips.  He was all over the stage.  Nice job James.

Well, here is my opinion as to the finishing order this week.  Only four on the list and 3 of these I have been voting for since the beginning. 

1. James
2. Scotty
3. Lauren
4. Haley

I feel that an unrecognizable MJ song and I Who Have Nothing, even if she was good on it, will do Haley in.  I predict the two guys in the finale.  Oh, wait.  I have another week to determine that, don't I.  Maybe we can hear from David Archuleta on next weeks results show or maybe the finale.(He is practicing with a new band right now.)  Jordin Sparks sings tonight.

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