Monday, August 1, 2011

This Crush Ain't Going Away

          Today, August 1, 2001, is the third anniversary of David Archuleta releasing his first single, CrushCrush is still loved by all of David's fans the world over.  It is our anthem. Our crush on and our love for David is never going away. In fact, as these three years have unfolded, many of us have gained an even greater passion and appreciation for this young man. Each performance, each interview, each tweet or vlog, reveals another little morsel, another little glimpse into his mind and being. And we all marvel at the complexity of this young man.  How can one person have so much passion for and knowledge of the world, especially at his age?  It boggles the mind.

So today, in honor of David and Crush, I have added another poem to my collection.


Cries of  "Da...vid"  "Da...vid" rock the venue as our hero prepares to take the stage.
Reeling with anticipation, our minds and hearts explode as we await his entry.
Unbelievable energy flows through the audience as he bounds out before our eyes.
Sheer delight radiates from every person in the house as his voice touches our souls.
Heartbeats quicken and all in attendance realize that our "Crush" on David ain't going away.

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