Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things Are Gonna Get Better

For the last couple of weeks, my life has been spinning out of control at full force in many different directions all at the same time. I know that happens to everyone sometimes but I don't like it one bit. I need to be in control and I am not even close to it right now. 

I have been listening to David's inspirational songs a lot lately, trying to find some peace of mind.  One song that has helped me a lot this weekend is Things Are Gonna Get Better.  I wish that David would perform this song again, because I think it has a message we all need to hear each day. Life isn't easy but we can make it. Life will get better.  We will be fine.

video credit to jhann062392

I have written an acrostic poem for Things Are Gonna Get Better. I hope you like it. I hope it helps you with whatever problems you are facing in life just like David's song has helped me. 

The storms of life work hard to rage against us,
Hurling anything and everything our way. Sometimes
It feels as if the entire world is out to get us, plotting
New and painful ways to bring us down. We might
Get kicked over and over again by strangers or even
Stepped on by the people that we love the most.

All of us have made mistakes in our past but sometimes
Regret rears its ugly head and, POW, it won’t let go.
Everybody hits their breaking point sooner or later and hope is gone.

Grief can take a hold of us and cause our normally happy minds to be
Overcome with sadness and confusion. “Why did this happen to me? I’m
Not a bad person. I don’t deserve all of this trouble, all this pain.
Nothing’s right all of the time but why does it seem that I have my share
And everyone else’s too. Can’t I catch a break sometime?”

Great burdens can be placed upon our shoulders, forcing us to become
Exasperated by this life and world. We feel as if we can never rise up again
To the heights that we once aspired to. Our spirit can be crushed in an instant.

But, I know things are gonna get better. I know that God will be there with me
Every step of the way, holding my hand, keeping me from falling off that
Terribly rocky ledge called life. I just need to ask Him for help and He will send
The right people to stand by me, to love me, to help me find my way.
Everything happens for a reason but that reason is not always my fault.
Real hope is here for me. Life is gonna get better. I will be fine.

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