Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Didactic Cinquain Poetry

I never really got into poetry when I was in school but lately I have been trying to find different ways of expressing myself through writing so I have been researching poetry. A different form that I recently found is cinquain poetry.  Cinquain has 5 lines with progressive number of words in each line.  There are several variations on this form of poetry but I have decided to attempt a didactic cinquain first.

The didactic cinquain poem works like this:
First Line: Title
Second Line: Two words that describe the title
Third Line: Three words that give more information on the subject
Fourth Line: Four words that describe feelings related to the subject
Fifth Line: Single word that is a synonym for the title.

The example that I found that best helped me see how this works is:
Strong, Tall
Swaying, Swinging, Sighing
Memories of the Summer

Simple but effective. I can picture it perfectly in my mind.

So, to relate this to a topic I love to write about, I happened upon a new piece of artwork on the Fans of David site from my favorite graphic artist in the land of The Archuleta, Juan Morales. (Go here for Juan's blog.) The minute I laid my eyes on this new piece, I knew that I had to write about it. Thanks Juan for always inspiring me to dig deep into my mind and soul for just the right words.

First, here is the artwork entitled, Lightburst.

Now, here is my interpretation of this work.

Radiant, Explosive
 Brilliant, Fiery, Unexpected
Expression of Spiritual Enlightenment

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Juan M. said...

First of thank you again for your wonderful support! It honestly and truly means so much to me! I am very touched that what I do has helped you express yourself.
Secondly, as simple as your poem is it is very powerful. You captured the essence of the design perfectly. My favorite line is "Radiant,Explosive". So beautiful.
I'm going to post your poem on my blog :)