Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glad Christmas Tidings

Yesterday, Sept. 6, 2011, was the official release date for Glad Christmas Tidings, the annual Christmas gift to the world from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra.  As is the norm, this performance was recorded last year in December for release this year for the holiday season. Each year special guests are featured with the choir and this past year David Archuleta was the musical guest. Actor Michael York also appeared with the choir narrating a story. I so wish that I would have been able to attend one of these tapings, but it was not to be, so I have waited anxiously for 8 months for this date to arrive.

As of late, I have taken to writing poetry about all kinds of David events and songs so I decided to write another acrostic poem in honor of the release of Glad Christmas Tidings. As I thought about what I wanted to say in this poem, I contemplated what the words of this title really mean. As I did research on the words and possible meanings for each, I discovered something; this title, though it sounds old-fashioned, is absolutely perfect for David. The thesaurus I consulted gives synonyms for "glad" that include "happy, delightful, joyful, cheerful, blessed, favored, and merry" to name a few. These words perfectly describe David. I'm not sure that I have ever met or seen anyone as happy or blessed or joyful as David. Synonyms for "tidings" include "greetings, news, announcement, broadcast, knowledge, enlightenment, message, proclamation, and intelligence."  To me, this is David through and through. David has been announcing to the world that happiness is within our grasp if we seek enlightenment and knowledge and use our intellect to process the message of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Since this is no ordinary recording, I decided that my poem would not totally convey the extraordinary uniqueness of the event if I were to use ordinary words, so my thesaurus, as well as my brain, has gotten a workout.   

Now, I present to you my interpretation of the soon to be classic recording, Glad Christmas Tidings. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Glad Christmas Tidings

Gladsome faces welcome the delighted assemblage to the magnificent amphitheater.
Lively dancers unite with countless voices and a multitude of instruments to create an
Amazing blend of robust power and delicate grace. Harmonious notes rise to the heavens,
Declaring the good news of the infant's birth while lifting up praises to the Almighty One.

Celestial sounds fill the air as the marvelous company is joined by a phenomenal yet
Humble soloist, intent on sharing his jubilant message with those gathered before them.
Reverent selections show the significance of this august performance, while highlighting the
Impeccable power and purity of his majestic voice.  Light-hearted and sometimes whimsical
Songs remind all in attendance that this is a joyous occasion, to be celebrated with great elation.
The sensational orchestra creates a majestic backdrop as the resplendent vocalist delivers each
Magnificent selection with awe-inspiring style and precision. Glorious notes waft through the
Air as the choir's sublime chorus accompanies the young virtuoso as he passionately delivers
Sumptuous vocals for each of his stunning performances, producing sweet sounds for the ears of all.

Tears of joy fill the eyes and tender moments touch the hearts of the audience as they so
Innocently succumb to the divine power of this message of love and peace and happiness. 
Dignity and poise are the order of the night as all marvel at the transformation of this normally
Introverted boy into the confident strong man standing before them. Never before has one so young
Navigated the waters of this massive undertaking, nevertheless he forges on to reach the zenith.
Glad Christmas tidings fill the air as the gathering thanks their benefactors for this blessed evening.
Sparkling eyes, a radiant smile, and an aura of peace proclaim this young man's mission is a success.


heidijoy said...

Beautiful piece Pandamama.

haroldcpim said...

I love your work especially this poem. I made a poster out of it and I would like to send it to you if you like.
My email address is

Thanks for your heartfelt work.