Friday, December 2, 2011

David Mindboggles The Crowds

David started his My Kind of Christmas tour yesterday in Westbury, NY.  The reports are rolling in and it looks like Mr. Archuleta has reached a new level of magnificence once again. I wish I could attend one of the 13 scheduled performances for this tour, but it is not meant to be. Instead, I will just have to watch every one of the videos and read every one of the recaps provided by the oh-so-fortunate fans in attendance.

Today, after viewing videos of some of the new music presented by David last night, and reading the accounts of a few of those in attendance, I was hit by a wave of creativity. You know what that means - A new poem. So here it is: AWAKE. I think I'll subtitle it : Ode to the Critics.

Awake: Ode to the Critics

Awake all you naysayers and cynics, Awake!
Feel the mighty tremble as the ground does shake!
Hear the roar of the Voice you’ve tried to ignore,
He’s grown in power and is knocking down your door.

For years you have doubted the worth of this one,
By laughing and taunting and saying he’s young.
While mocking his values and goals for his future,
You critics have failed to view the whole picture.

There’s more to this troubadour than just his age,
He shows wisdom, and passion, and magic on stage.
His voice soars above the ugly discord below,
As each day he continues to learn and to grow.

The heart of this one is so pure and so right,
It does beckon to all to reach out for the light.
For darkness could never take root in his soul,
God’s goodness and blessings his life does extol.

While humble and honest and good to a fault,
He still had the presence to wage an assault.
With all of the power of the throngs of his fans,
He readied to strike out and lay forth his plans.

Those skeptics who said he could never advance,
Will soon be proved wrong when shown his new dance.
By watching and waiting and crafting his wares,
This young man has blossomed; now no one compares.

So I’m here to tell you that the day has arrived,
When those who concocted and jived and connived,
To bring down the curtain on this one so blest,
Will find that their words have surely failed the test.

What once was a whisper in the ears of a few,
Has grown to a symphony in this new venue.
The jury’s returned with a positive verdict,
His life plan acknowledged by all to be perfect.


haroldcpim said...

Wow this is so heartwarming and on the mark! Reading it I got the chills. You really have a gift. Was at Westbury on Thursday nite and when he read the Christmas poem my heart skipped two beats and my eyes started to water! Thank you for your wonderful poetry and support of David .

PandasMama said...

Thank you for your kind words.
I was hoping you would be able to attend one of the NY shows. So wish I could attend one. Just not meant to be.