Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday David

So, today's the big 2 - 1 for David. I'm quite sure he will celebrate it in simple rather than grand style. That's just who he is. I'm sure he will hang with his family and maybe a few friends. He certainly won't be out to all hours of the night drinking anything and everything that comes his way, like most celebrities, or for that matter, most young people turning 21 today.  Of course, David Archuleta is not your ordinary 21 year old. David is not your ordinary anything. Extraordinary, yes; Ordinary, no .

So, here's a little poem I wrote in honor of this day. I actually wrote this before David announced his upcoming Mission, but I think it all still applies.

Happy Birthday David

There’s 21 candles on your cake this year,
They herald in a new frontier.
For as each day we watch and learn,
A greater respect we do earn.

Wisdom tells us you won’t go astray,
So go have fun on this special day.
Eat some food, laugh at friend’s jokes,
Leave plenty of time to hang with the folks.

Your parents surely will shed a tear,
Your siblings will also want to be near,
For the baby God placed here not long ago,
Is now ready to soar and run his own show.

So on this day go have some fun,
Eat and play, and when you’re done,
Your fans will still be waiting here;
We have your back, so have no fear.

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